Friday, May 13, 2011


It was an interesting thing to have Blogger tell me that my blog was 'read only'. At least for a little while.

According to Blogger Buzz and the Blogger Status feed, the situation was created by an update problem. I've had that happen on my own computer -- but I was a little worried. 

I lost two, possibly three, blog posts. And I'd been doing so good on reading posts from my blogger friends. LOL (It's all about me, don'tcha know.)

 When the Blogger techs restored their systems back to the 11th, essentially pre-dating the problem, two of my posts were put back in "schedule" mode.

I lost comments. That is really just so you know that I didn't delete any comments. They've gone missing.

I posted the scheduled blogs again- and they've written that blogger will repost the comments. 

I'm curious to see if I end up with Double postings because of this. I tend to jump the gun on I'm waiting to post the next story segment until I see what happens to my blog. 

On the silver lining part of the cloud - I'm getting ahead again. I kind of got stuck (see: fixated) on this one section. I deleted part of it twice. 

Still, what a funny thing to have happen on Friday 13th. It is, she said randomly, one of my favorite days. Always has been.

Because of the malfunction, I've been thinking of random internet things....and trying to avoid reading this new book I got. If I start reading it - I'll never finish my story. Well - I will but it would take longer.

So in honor of the Blogger malfunction and my psuedo-facebook addiction:

I don't have twitter - but I have facebook and blogger. ^_^ Somethings we just gotta share. Like knowing the answers to the question of "Why, Blogger? Why?"


jugglingpaynes said...

I didn't realize that comments were going missing! I just realized some of mine are gone too! Aaauugh!!! Why is it whenever anything is updated, either by the interwebs or by my husband, I lose stuff?

Hope my friends understand. We're probably all going through the same thing!

Peace and Laughter,

ComfyDenim said...

I don't know. I hope your readers understand. I just saw that a lot of posts are coming back in my google reader. ... so maybe things are coming back into publication.

Mother Mayhem said...