Thursday, May 19, 2011

Teasing Dogs ...

First off -- I never thought I'd have to say, "Don't put your foot in the popcorn."

But I did. Mini-E was proud of the fact that she could bend her knee just so. Luckily, we were not eating out of the same bowl. I don't know where that foot's been. (Yes I do. It's been outside.) 

There's something else I never thought I'd have to say.

"Don't tease my dog."

Our east side neighbors have grandchildren that are either living with them now or visiting constantly. The eldest is about 5 or 6. The younger girl is about 3 or 4. They have a dog over there that's just had puppies. 

It bothered me that the little girls were just carrying the puppies around with no care or concern. Freaking the puppies out -- and bothering the mama dog. I could suck that up. Not my puppies. Not my concern. Right?? 

Then today the eldest girl was kicking our chain link fence. Needless to say it made our Gizmo frantic. She then ran up and down the fence line. I made my way outside as quickly as I could to explain and to calm Gizmo down.

"Don't tease my dog. I don't want him to bite you. I don't mind you running with him because he likes to run. Don't tease him."

There's another problem here. These girls are rarely supervised. RARELY. It bothers me. BUT The problem is -- their gate handle locks into spaces at my chain link fence. RIGHT where Gizmo can bite and lunge at the fence. 

Right after explaining to the girl about not teasing my dog, G-man and Mini-E bounced a ball back and forth over the fence. The dog was fine. 

Then Gizmo started the "I'm angry" barking again. G-man was outside but I know that the dog has no fear of the children. I am the alpha female in this house. I hold the squirt bottle.

I go out to see.

ANOTHER neighbor girl is sitting on her bike, in our side yard, with her tire right next to our fence. "Guys!! Don't tease my dog! He might bite you and you'll bleed and that's not good."

My son actually laughed. 

I coulda smacked him. 

He's been safe, for the most part, from dog trauma. I'd like to keep it that way.
I'd like to keep the neighbor kids safe, too.

They just don't seem to get it.
Why aren't the parents teaching them things like -- NOT to go into people's yards without permission? But more importantly - how to handle a dog.

If Gizmo got out, I'd like to believe that he'd hurt you out of excitement.
But I just can't be sure.
I wish they'd get it. 

I wish the parents did doggie safety training but they apparently don't. 
It makes me sad to think that I'll be saying "Don't tease my dog" again. 
I just hope I don't have to say, "told you so."

Oh - don't get me started on the meanie head girl across the street who hit my cat with a stick.


Mother Mayhem said...


Livin' Life said...

Oh, I totally hear you. We always tell the boys not to approach dogs unless the owners say it is OK and to follow their instructions. THey belong to someone else. We are also very strict about other people's properties. I can't stand the way kids are allowed every where without supervision. Totally agree with you...sigh

ComfyDenim said...

It's really nice to know I'm not the only one. I understand giving freedom - but there has to be a limit. Or rather, there SHOULD be a limit.