Monday, May 9, 2011


Growing up, I had a border-line shoe fetish. I say border-line because I would buy cute shoes and then realize I really had no place to wear them and not buy more shoes for ... months. I'm still that way. I have a pair of flip-flops, a pair of tennis shoes (essentially, they're sneakers - because I *don't* play tennis) -- and those are the shoes I wear. And I only wear flip-flops because I can slip them on my feet and run into the library without the librarian snarl at me for being barefoot.

Small town America. Gotta love it. 

I was cleaning out my closet and discovered that I apparently have simple taste in shoes. I found three pairs of black shoes. All with the same heel height. They're a different, um, body type design but I laughed when I saw it. 

I apparently have classic taste when it comes to shoes. 

Part of the problem, though, and I say this in my own defense is that I've got flat feet and rolling ankles. So I can't wear things that are really flat or I'll be icing a body part at the end of the day. I used to!!! Not anymore. 

With my simple taste (I just need something to go with jeans!) and complex needs (support my ankles, please), Imagine me taking my daughter shoe shopping. 

Mini-Me HATES to shop. If there are too many choices and nothing is especially cute - or particularly pink - she really can't pick. 

Tennis shoes. She wants CUTE. She wants PINK. Those are not always available in a women's shoe. Other than say, Converse. 

So what's a mom to do?? 

I try to explain to her that really the tennis shoes she wears on a constant, daily basis should be expected to be dinged up and beat up. They don't necessarily have to be CUTE. 

Her: *frown* *sagging shoulders* 

What's a mom to do??


Yes, I have small hands. Shush.

You go for the bling. Shiny sparkles = CUTE shoes = Happy daughter.

The bonus came on the way home -- She talked to me...even telling me, "So it's your turn to start the conversation." 

Oh, and??

Her feet are bigger than mine.


Mother Mayhem said...

Used to love me some HIGH heels... Sigh.

Now I wear sneakers and croc-offs from the Dollar Store.

Nice hand. ;o)

TobyBo said...

3 random responses:

#1 It was a happy day for me when my feet became the smallest in the house. Now no one wears my shoes.

#2 I want a pair of fun red shoes within the next few weeks. I haven't seen them yet but feel sure I will know them when I do.

#3 about pinkness. My Mum once dyed a pair of shoes with Rit for me. Canvas sneakers into a lovely dark purple. It worked great. We have also colored white ones with permanent markers. You can make your own pink. Of course, maybe you didn't want to know that. ;)