Saturday, January 1, 2011

By 40...

It's a new year. I can't believe it...I'm so thrilled.
I didn't like 2010 very much. The brightest part was welcoming a sister-in-law into the family. That was so much fun to be a part of. 

In looking to the future, I am struck again by my age. I'm 37...specifically....37.5. 

So on my birthday in June. ... specifically, June 1.

I'll be 38. 

If anyone in this family is going to have a mid-life crisis, it would be me that would break down and buy the sports car. The only thing holding me back is the fact that I could not take 4 children with me anywhere...and that's just not possible right now.

I think I've told you before that I believe my brain is about 24 years old. So it doesn't quite compute that I'm going to be 38. It doesn't compute that I'm .... not 24. 

I tend to pout about it.

God tells me that He doesn't care about age - He is ageless. 

Sometimes I forget that.

Instead of pouting. I'm getting proactive. Not about aging...but about enjoying the time. 

Linda had a 40 by 40 list. I enjoyed reading her journey to get to her goals. I considered starting my list then...but didn't do it. Other than that whole, "Get fit". That was it..and so far, I'm failing that one. 

Then I read Jon Acuff's list. After reading his list, and remembering Linda's list, I realized that I needed to really get busy with mine. I still don't have 40 items. I may never have 40 items on my list.

That's okay, too. I can be a nonconformist. 

While I am a dreamer, I want to be realistic with my time and the season we're in with the children. 

So I'm going to make a list and put it over there *points* to the sidebar. 

I'll either add to it or I won't... depending on how I think things through. Thinking in circles, I might come up with something absolutely off the wall that would never happen. Like Ride an elephant.

Along with the number of items, I'm not too anal to say that it all has to happen by the time I turn 40. Before I turn 41 would be nice, though. 

I  have people rooting for me on some of these items.
The Prof has said that if I remind him, I can have a limo ride sometime next Christmas. (maybe)

I need all the support I can get.

By the time I turn 41, I may own a sports car.


CrossView said...

What a fun - and varied -list!

I have fun with that whole "age" thing. I look in the morror and go; "Oh, yeah/ You're not 20-something anymore". YOu'd think I'd get used to it by now. But nooooo..... :O)

I'd have to do a 50 by 50 list. Now that's scary! The list gets bigger as I get too dang old to do it??!! *gasp*

KarenW said...

I had a hard time with the idea of turning 40. We had just moved back to Romania. I was all kinds of upset about 40 and shed a few tears. But on my birthday, I woke up and looked in the mirror and realized that I was the same person. Life went on. I survived! Let's hope I do as well at 50 which is coming up way to soon!

Dapoppins said...

Saying I was 40 when I was only 38 helped me a ton...I just eased right into forty and I still feel 40 and pay no more attention to it than I did 38...and I think I am turning 42 this year.

TobyBo said...

when you come to PA, please please please stop by our place. :)