Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's cold outside...

I'm not going to sing to you. Though I could. I occasionally sound good, too. 
Singing or not - It's COLD outside. 

Normally that doesn't matter. I can run out, take the trash to the curb, come back and be fine. but it's COLD!!!! Like -- we were warmer than Anchorage on Wednesday -- cold. 

So I've been thinking that I could really go for some shoes I can just slip my feet into when I need to walk out to the curb. 

Then I remember that Mini-Me and J-man need boots. Then I think we'll just all go to the store. And then I realize that we can't go right THEN and ... I eventually .... forget.

Until the next time. 
It's annoying to have to put my shoes on, tie the laces just to walk 10 feet to the mail box. I'm normally barefoot.


I'm not normally this shallow.
 It's just the annoyance factor of it. It's COLD.

So. I was going to bite the nip outside and take the trash to the curb barefoot. 
Trash in hand, I head toward the door. And stop. G-man's snow boots are right there.


They look like they. might. just. work. 

I angle my foot next to the boot. Sure enough. They're long enough. 

I give it the ol' college, save my toes from freezing try and slide my foot in the top.

It slides right in. 


I LAUGH!!! My 10 year old has snow boots that fit me.

Mini-Me and I wear the same size shoe. 

Now G-man. 

Of course, he wanted to see. So we put our feet together. Yep. They're the same length.

If kids were like dogs - and having to grow into their feet, I'd be in trouble.
As it is - I've got a 10 year old and and 12 year old who can both wear my shoes.

I'm going to be the short one in the family. 

I'm okay with it.

They can clean the cobwebs. And I get to borrow their boots to walk to the curb.


Katie said...

I could do without the cold. I'd be happy to live somewhere tropical. Also, Harrison - he's 12, now has bigger feet than I do. He's just as tall as I am too. Yikes.

jugglingpaynes said...

LOL! I used my son's boots for the first time last week. They were there, they fit...

...And they were lumpy and uncomfortable. I guess I need to get him new boots!

Peace and Laughter!

Word Verification: axemula (I thought you should know!)

dunlizzie said...

At least now you don't have to worry about losing a shoe, you have two others you could borrow from! Ha!

By the way, I awarded you as a "Stylish Blogger". You can check out the post here Confessions and Friends