Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Edited for more cohesiveness because One should never blog and watch Phineas and Ferb at the same time. It's just not a good, workable combo.

I've been battling fatigue. That's about the only way I can categorize it. I just couldn't seem to get enough sleep and when I did sleep - I was having some wackadoodle dreams. I'm fairly certain I understand the meaning of the dreams - except the one I had last night.

I mean - you watch too many episodes of Hogan's Heroes and you're bound to dream that you're a prisoner in a POW camp trying to get out. BUT when you add a brother into the dream as a traitor, you probably have issues. 

I'm working on it.

I'm also working on not saying, "I'm really tired of the whining..."

Because - you know - I might have actually confessed that over myself.
Still...sleepless nights do not a cohesive mommy make.

Because I haven't been in a write-y sort of mood, I've been wondering what I should write about. You know, as opposed to actually writing it.

Getting the house back to normal hasn't been the fastest after our foray into Christmas. (That being tired thing slows life down quite a bit.) Feeling like I needed to tackle some tasks, I decided to tackle several loads of laundry and the mess that had become my room.

So I announced to the kids, "I'm going to go clean mommy and daddy's room." Mini-E said, "Good luck, Mom. Have fun. See you later."

I laughed the hardest at the "good luck."

As I picked up random socks that have managed to slink under the bed, all the blankets and pillows I did some thinking. What I was doing was cleaning up the mess that happens when the kids play the wii. The end of our bed makes the perfect place for them to sit and play - and the bedding ends up in the floor.

If I made the bed when I got up in the morning, it wouldn't happen. This mess. But I don't like to make my bed. I like it just like I left it. But If I don't make it then the kids mess it up and ...*sigh* It's a catch-22. 

As I was making the bed, I was thinking toward the future. I don't want to go backward to the way things used to be. A bunch of little steps have turned into an interesting journey. But when you're making the little steps, you don't see how far they are actually taking you.

So I considered how much we survived 2011 and I realized:

There is much I want out of 2011. 
For instance:

I want The Professor to have a job where his talents and his skills are appreciated and celebrated - and not squashed, ignored and even frowned upon. 

I want to stop the emotional wars that can seem to come and go, to finally go and stay. It will happen because emotions are unsanctified; but they won't stay that way. 

I want Jack Oy the cat fish to go in and out without injury.
I want there to be joy in the house instead of fights and struggles. (That one may take us longer than the time of 2011)

I really want that agent. If for no other reason than to show myself that I'm not wasting my time. (I have missed sooooo much TV that it's become easier to tell people, "I don't watch TV" than explain to them, "I've made the choice and writing has won.")

Then there are the things that I expect out of 2011.

I expect to move. There. I said it. I'm expecting a move to happen this year. It's going to be a major trust issue with God because I've lived in this particular area forEVER and thinking about moving makes me a little bit uneasy.

I expect to see God move. (ha. Pun.) I expect God to show Himself mighty. Not just bits and pieces here and there...but mighty.

I expect to come out of this last season even stronger than I was going in. 

I expect to be able to walk in confidence but not pride. 

I expect the Professor to get that job. 

2011 is full of lots of days where there is new mercy and new adventures. I want to the ability to enjoy it.

As I was thinking of what I wanted out of 2011, I got to thinking about you. 

What do you want out of 2011?


TobyBo said...

what do I want? Do I get a long list? I will start with that visit of yours, and yes, of course, Melrose and you can do photos. Couldn't think of anything more fun. :)

Halfmoon Girl said...

A move is a big deal. Looking forward to hearing more about that! What do I want out of 2011. Well, I want my daughter back home. That's a no brainer...BUT what I really NEED is grace and wisdom and patience and growth in my walk with God so that I will have peace no matter what! This summer she will decide where she is spending the next school year...

Arby said...

I hope that God's will for your life is revealed to you in 2011, and that you accept it with as much Grace as you possibly can, even if you have to borrow some of His Grace to do it.

CrossView said...

The fatigue... Is it time for a mommy break? Just for you? A mini-marathon?
That kind of concerns me. =/

I like moving. Fresh start. Change. And my gypsy blood. ;O)

May 2011 be everything you're praying for!