Tuesday, October 9, 2007

There are no secrets

Today was the day of a county wide election. It's a vote for a project in the nearest big city. A project that would raise our taxes county-wide for a project in the city. I don't see how it will benefit me or my city despite what the newspaper keeps saying. I've read up on the project and have decided to vote no.

The kids wanted to know on what we were voting. I told them it was a vote to have more taxes or not and I'm choosing the "not". Mini-Me agreed. She promptly, for some reason unknown to me, went to tell her brothers why we were going to vote. I heard her say "It's to decide whether or not to have more taxes. Mom is voting no."

I decided that since we're going out, that it would be perfect timing to run and get hair cuts for G, J & E. So we grab clipboards and worksheets (a brilliant idea, by the way that I got from my comments the other day and from Cristina's carschooling - you guys are brilliant!!) Why I've never done that before is beyond me. It was SOOOOO very beneficial they got some work done and I didn't feel as if we lost time. We still did, but not nearly as much. When we got to the haircut place, they started feeding their gumball type machines with quarters that they'd grabbed from their piggybanks. I was impressed by their foresight.

But I digress.

Back to the voting booth. We arrived at the church (our polling place). We didn't have to announce our arrival. They could see us coming. The little ladies volunteering today were all elderly and could have been great grandmas. They just beamed smiles at my kids.

One of them said, "We've got a lot of voters today!"
I smiled and said, with realization in my heart, "Yes, lots of future voters." (I'm not sure when 4 started equalling 'lots' but I went with it.)

We find my name in the register and another little lady asks G-man if he wants a sticker. He jumps on the sticker opportunity and loudly proclaims, "We're voting NO!"

I guess I need to discuss with him the purpose behind a secret ballot - because there are no secrets in the Laundry Pile.


Sharon said...

I remember the first time I took Julia with me to vote. She enjoyed going with me behind the curtain and pushing the buttons. Kind of felt like I was doing a Mom instructional on being a responsible voter.
With elections coming up I am not sure how I will vote for our next president. If there is not one person you would whole heartily stand behind-should you vote for the best of the bad?
Something our pastor told us to think about.

ThoughtfulMom said...

Hmmmm... guess The Bookworm King and I will be going to vote on the way to dinner. Drew wants to go with me "to hold the paper while the machine sucks it up."

Clipboards are brilliant. :)

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh my how funny! Yep, you tell kids something and the whole world knows it!

Classic MaMa said...

I gave myself a 5 minute break from packing boxes for our big move tomorrow. During that break I was looking for a bit of a pick-me-up. So, I headed to the laundry pile. I always leave here smiling. Thank you! Back to the boxes...

B&B said...

It's been fun catching up! You've been so busy! I'm glad to hear the pox are leaving and you have your van back. I can totally relate to not liking to drive a 'borrowed' vehicle even though I'm naughty and would probably be asking my spouse if there was any way to switch to the newer SUV.
(probably with no luck as I've been wanting to trade my Jeep for a pickup but he says no, lol.)

appleleaf said...

Good on you for voting! I think it is a way we can have a say in the running of our country. I laughed at your story, though. As you said, there's no way it can be 'secret' with your brood in tow. Long ago, when it was a Federal Election, Logan shouted, "Dad voted for (and he named one of the major parties!)" at the top of his lungs.
PS I think agree with your opinion about Willy Wonka. Perhaps it's because we just know so well what's coming. I was pleased to see that the Oompa Loompas still have a cool singing role as they did in the old movie.

jugglingpaynes said...

Ha! This is why I try not to tell my kids how I'm voting until we're out! Although they do know I tend to vote No on school budgets. I have a certain amount of righteous indignation about how much money I spend on a system I don't use.
I'm glad carschooling is working for you and all the kiddos are up and about again! Stay well this time.
Peace and Laughter,