Thursday, October 25, 2007

Counting down...

She's been counting down for a month. Then she started counting down the weeks.
Then about 2 weeks ago, she started counting down the days.

This morning our conversation was this:

Tomorrow is my birthday!!!

Nah. Let's have it on Saturday.

No! Tomorrow!! It's my birthday.

nuh-uh. How about Monday?

No. My birthday is tomorrow.

I have something else to do tomorrow. How about Tuesday?

nope. My birthday is Tomorrow!!

How about Wednesday?

No! It's already SCHEDULED for tomorrow.

Oh! That's what it was I was going to do.

She'll be 9. She only gets the chance once.
But apparently, she gets MANY chances to tell me that it's coming.

She: dancing through the kitchen, "I'm excited that tomorrow's my birthday!!"

Me: walking through the kitchen and avoiding getting danced upon, "What was it I was going to do tomorrow??"

She: My birthday!!

Me: Oh, yeah. That's it.

She: That was pretty funny, mom.

Me: Thanks. (I thought so, too.)

Mini-Me is having BIRTHDAY tomorrow. She's determined that it's going to happen tomorrow. She's not willing to change the day one bit.

So I guess tomorrow will be a birthday. :-) The 9th birthday in a long series of birthdays. I hope she's as excited about each one as she is about this one.


Regina said...

Wow, no shaking her resolve! Maybe she'll go into law! Have fun tomorrow!

ThoughtfulMom said...

So, when I call tomorrow to tell her happy birthday, I'm going to just talk to her. I never mailed her anything... it's been nutty... but if I call her and tell her happy birthday....

B&B said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mini-me! Nine is a very special year as it will be the last one of single digits. Enjoy it to the extreme!

Peace and laughter,

P.S. Sounds like you're doing an awesome job of being a great mom! Aren't kids the greatest treasure?

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday to her! *sigh* what a fun age.......
Hope you all have a wonderful celebration!

Mrs. Darling said...

It's rather sad that we lose that birthday excitement when we get older!

Hope she has a wonderful birthday!

Classic MaMa said...

:) Happy Birthday!! Around here, we LOVE 9! I know you will find it just as wonderful.

Tracy said...

I love how excited kids get on their birthdays! Happy Birthday NINE is your last single digit EVER!! :)

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Mini-Me! Enjoy your last year in the single digits.

Gayle said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Mini Me!!
9 is awesome! :)
My girl did the countdown for a solid month as well...It only takes about a week before the are counting down to the NEXT one..LOL!
Have a great celebration. :)

Patriot said...

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Sharon said...

Julia has her first double digit birthday on the 23rd. I heard about nothing else for over two weeks before her birthday.

Holly said...

Happy Birthday to Mini-Me!!! Hope she had a wonderful day. She's the same age as my son now.
I always tell the kids that we're not going to have a birthday because if we don't have it, they won't be a year older. They just laugh at me now, but they used to think it was true and then I'd relent and say, "ok, I'll let you get a year older-but just one more and that's IT!!" LOL
I'll get to do this with Susanna next year-and she'll think I'm serious. HeeHee. Hopefully the older two won't rat me out.
We've made home-made playdough, too-and it does stink! LOL Holly

Our Peculiar Life said...

I know I am late, so I am NOT on her birthday and I know that is bad, esp after reading this post, but tell her Happy Late Birthday!!!

Regina said...

I bet it was awesome!

TobyBo said...

checking in and hoping for a blogroll to hit again soon...

appleleaf said...

9 is a very exciting age to get to. We have the exact same countdown happening here for November 11th. Hope Mini-Me has a great birthday. Tell her there's a letter on the way but there's no way of telling if it'll arrive on time for the birthday.