Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Head knowledge....

Buzz Lightyear lost his head today. It was a tragic accident. He took a fall off of a (probably) 3 foot boy. He lost his helmet months ago. He had to take it off because it wouldn't stay open to talk to his friends.
I told J-man that I would help him by maybe gluing Buzz's head back on, but I"m not even sure that will work. The plastic pieces that were holding his head onto his space suit is still attached to his head. That can't be good.
We all passed the poor guy around and had a look down into his innards.
We could see all the way through him to his toes.
We laughed at the circuitry. I had to admit it was funny to see the guy just totally headless but I thought J-man would be more upset than he was. He had brought Buzz to me to tell me that the laser didn't work. I'm not sure which came first the head injury or the faulty laser. Either way, I was surprised when J handed me the toy and said "Fix it mama, I have to potty."
The head was jammed into the body of the space suit and I though, My goodness how strange is that. I might need pliers. And then his head just popped out into my hands.
My first thought was "Uh Oh". I had a visual image of J man throwing a world class fit because Buzz had just gone and lost his head.
I was relieved at his smile and acceptance that we would try glue.
We went to church and came home. The big kids were blessed at church and were playing around (they always come home happy and slightly hyper) so I wasn't going to force the bedtime issue.
I was focused on the big kids until I noticed J was sitting at the computer table making sound effects of, well, a robotic nature. So I went to investigate - he's still playing with the Buzz Light year...
But he'd made some modifications.

I love this kids imagination and ingenuity.
I was also impressed that two action figures could fit inside Buzz's space suit.
Of course, since I knew I was going to blog about this -- I decided I'd have some fun.
I'm so fighting off the urge to be punny. ...
but you have to admit...
That's one way to use your head.
and if he hadn't lost his head, J-man wouldn't have used his.

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Halfmoon Girl said...

too cute. Sometimes I feel like my head is going to pop off to. Was Buzz homeschooling that day while trying to keep up with laundry and driving to activities. That is when I get sometimes get that sensation.