Monday, October 8, 2007


While I've been busy with school, children with spots and children without, vans and rental trucks, housekeeping and budgets, it's been nice to know that my blogger buds haven't forgotten me. While I've been putting blogging on the back burner, I try to keep in touch and blog when I can - I've been surprised to log in and find that I've been blessed!

Actually blessed beyond bloggin' measure, to be sure.

Since I can't get them to fit into my sidebar the way I'd like them to -- I've opted to show them here.

The "You make me smile award" came to me from Cristina & Melanie.

MonkeyGiggles and Renae (who is not a dork) both blessed me with the "Nice Matters Award" at two different times. I'm flattered. I've been called weird, sweet, funny, odd, unique (my favorite) - but never, actually, "Nice". and Cristina again -- she thinks I think ... blessed me with a Femme Philosophers Award. (An award she made herself.) Follow the link there in her name and you'll read all about it. She's been one of my blogging buddies from the VERY beginning. You know when I said "Let there be Blog". *L* (by the way, it's open to men bloggers, too - go check it out!!)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!!

I can't thank you enough!!
Maybe I can and I haven't tried hard enough.

I'm honored.

Beyond that, I thank you for keeping in touch, even when I'm in-blog-omunicado.
*I slay me.*

Sign me --

A very humble Denim.


Sharon said...

Cool slid show.
One of those I have not seen before. The one with the woman on it.
Spots and no spots--chicken pox?
Prayers for you.

ComfyDenim said...

Thank you!!
I had to take the slide show down - it wasn't working for me. *LOL* So I put my awards up in the old fashioned way. Here are the links, though. It took me all day to get it all typed. The life of blogging with 4 kids.

jugglingpaynes said...

You were one of my first blogger friends, I completely understand if you need to catch up on the laundry now and then. ;o)
Peace and Laughter,

Renae said...

I'm a dork and I didn't send you an e-mail to notify you, but I, too, sent you the Nice Matters Award.

I'm glad to hear your pox free.