Thursday, October 25, 2007

Little Fingers are quick....

This is Leena, the Mushabelly Ladybug.
I didn't INTEND to own a ladybug...

I needed to get a pair of earrings for Mini-Me's birthday. I thought I'd go to Claire's to find something different than I might find at Wal-Mart. I know, I went from one national chain to another. I took the little kids because The Professor was going to grocery shop. Then G-man decided that maybe he might like to go with me. I promised him a commission for going and helping me.

We get to the mall without issue, and immediately had to take J-man to the potty. When we went back to the store, I didn't position Mini-E's stroller far enough away from a display and she promptly got a handful of earrings.

I found something and then headed to the back of the store to look at head bands and the cutsie earrings in the back. Mini-E grabbed ahold of the cute lady bug - and she squished it and loved on it and I thought, "Aha. She'll love on it for a minute or two and then I'll put it back. It will keep her hands busy."

G decided he wanted to get Mini-Me a gift from Claire's. So we had to decided what. Then we looked for a gift for a friend who is having a birthday soon - and we went to check out.

I'm still not sure how I managed to get so many things so fast. I was going to put the lady bug back on the shelf. It was just sitting on E's lap. I took it by the antenna and grabbed a handful of wet.

Apparently, Mini-E decided she liked Leena so much she was going to chew on her anntena.

I couldn't in good conscience put it back. So I bought it.

Have to admit, though.
She's got a cute face.


ThoughtfulMom said...


I've only had to buy Hot Wheels so far. I'm sure the day is coming.

Our Peculiar Life said...

LOL!!! You have NO idea how often this happens to me. :-)