Friday, June 19, 2009

A week in recap ...

Mother's log ---

Star Date...


Strategic Target: Survive the first day of Swim lessons.

Swim lessons started Today. Mini-Me and G-man were enrolled in levels 5 & 3. Their classes started at 9 am. This requires a 30 minute drive. More importantly, it requires me to get up earlier than usual in order to get everyone and their stuff out the door in time.

Luckily, everyone was eager and ready to get ready. We were ready we left early (and naturally made a quick stop at the Sonic). We arrived early and picked a spot to sit and camp out.

J-man headed over to the splash pad to look at stuff - and naturally pushed the button that starts the splash pad. I was surprised - and he was thrilled - that the sprinklers actually turned on. People were sitting at a picnic table nearby and the wind blew the sprinkles right onto them - they dashed around and moved to another picnic table - FAR AWAY from the splash pad. I rush to get him to stop pounding on the start button - and just managed to walk over a spout as it gushed up.

My right side and carry-all bag got wet.
It was funny! I laughed -- but felt bad for the people who had to scramble for cover. (Snicker Snicker)

The two big kids have swim lessons in the first session - and Bubbles and J-man have swim lessons in the second session. I brought a ball - but the wind blew it around too much. They got bored quickly. I finally found a distraction for them using the squares on the concrete to make a pathway. Time passed quickly - and it was their turn for lessons and the big kids turn to wait.

The big kids actually got more bored than the little kids. Luckily, I informed them that this is what it was going to be like for each lesson -- and they needed to come prepared. The wait passed a bit painfully for all of us. J-man did well during his lesson - but Bubbles didn't want to listen and obey.

Her class got finished before J's did -- she sat on my lap and I tried to talk to her about swim lessons. She whined at me. I told her that she needed to listen and obey the teacher - she told me she didn't want to play in the water - she wanted to play in the street. I laughed out loud.

Finally, lessons were over - we go home and do some math.
Over all - it was a pretty successful day.
The Professor worked late.

Star Date ....
I'm impressed with myself for keeping the days straight.
Strategic Target for today: Survive Swim lessons - and manage to not for get to take Gizmo to the vet.

I overslept.
We still managed to get out of the house fairly on time.
Even if I did forget to eat breakfast.

We are all more prepared for the waiting part of the day. I brought mazes for J-man and vowel magnets for both he and Bubbles. J-man did puzzle after puzzle. Bubbles went to visit a baby. So I worked with J-man while Bubbles was visiting. I looked up and she was sitting in a lady's lap.
Oh! I'd better go see if the lady minds.
Her mouth said she didn't mind - but her body language did.
I walked away because I listened to her mouth - but watched Erica talk to her and watched the lap-lady look at her friend. Neither of them smiled.
I dug out the magnets and called Bubbles over and we messed with magnets and vowel sounds until it was her turn for swim lessons.
Today was much better for her.

While they were having swim lessons, a dad and I struck up a conversation. I started it by saying, "Look at all those people lined up in their chairs watching swim lessons -- sitting right on top of the splash pad. How funny would it be if the sprinklers accidentally turned on."

He sauntered up to test the off function. It was still off.

It would have been funny.

On the way home, I think how much I need to go to the grocery store - but The Professor is going to work until midnight. So I text my friend who is an awesome babysitter in her own right and ask her if she'd be interested in the job. She is and she's available to come NOW.

She just increased in her awesomeness - which I wasn't sure was possible.

We arrive home to find blood on the bathroom floor. NOT what I wanted to see.
The search for Maggie found her in the closet sleeping and apparently sound of body.
I clean up the blood and try to get ready for a grocery trip. I had bought Clown food for the kids on the way home.

My Awesome friend and her brother showed up - and I went grocery shopping.

No bathroom breaks interrupted my trip. No fits were thrown. I got done within the hour. I didn't get everything I needed - but I don't mind going to the store for one or two items. Bubbles doesn't really manage long trips, and I don't blame her. The store is an awesome place of distractions for a 3 year old. I keep forgetting how young 3 is - especially when she's desirous of world domination.

So groceries are put away. My friends leave. We travel to take Gizmo to the vet. Which proved to be way more of a challenge for Bubbles "no nap" Denim. We survived - and the whole visit made me love Dr. B even more. Gizmo is over all healthy. He had fleas and signs of a former infestation and he had hookworms, so he got 3 pills and an over all clean bill of health. The main diagnosis he got was "CUTE"

I mowed the grass.

Phew. That concludes the log for Tuesday.

Wednesday ---
I overslept again.
I need George Jetson's ejector bed.
Strategic target: Swim Lessons
We were just a skosh late and someone else was sitting in our camping spot. So we move to an actual picnic table. And LOVED IT!
J-man wants to do mazes and quickly gets bored. Bubbles is loving the magnet vowels and is no equal to J-man and possible surpassing him.

It dawns on me that I will have 4 students for the 2009/2010 school year.

I managed not to panic.
or cry.

The vowel magnet thing was pure genius, if I do say so myself.

Swim lessons for them - Today Bubbles didn't want to listen and obey.
For some reason, I've noticed that all the kids are a bit cranky today.
I hope tomorrow is better.

BONUS! We got to see the Professor in the day light! and before the kids went to bed!!
He was nearly tackled in the door way by 4 kids AND the dog. Mini-Me recruited him to help her on her video game -- nothing says "welcome home" like a video controller being thrust in your hand.

Star Date -- Thursday.
Though - it really feels like Friday.
We manage to arrive on time for Swim lessons today.
Today is treading water day for G-man's class. He managed to tread water for the count of 25. The desired goal for the class is more than 50. Mini-Me manages a belly flop when trying a standing dive. The wait for the little kids includes crayons, magnets and visiting with a new friend. J-man decided not to do any mazes but to play with action figures. He is happy. Our new friend is an older kid enrolled in the level 1 class. She got moved to the level 3 class today - but couldn't handle the water in her eyes. She said it caused her head to pound. We talked and colored and I was listening for Holy Spirit to tell me how to minister to her - when her dad showed up and she had to leave. She left in tears and I was sad for her.

Bubbles came running up after class. "I 'isten and 'bey!!!!"
J said, "I put my whole head in the water!!" and he is beaming.
The car is filled with much chatter. we headed to PetSmart to get a dog tag for Gizmo and a few stuffed doggy toys. As much fun as the swim lessons were - the etching of the dog tag was the bright spot in their day. G told me "I'll always remember this!"


We made an unexpected visit to the cat vet which turned out to be more of a challenge than we wanted. I wished I could have turned my phasers to stun. the Vet...not the kids.

bonus: We got to see The Professor twice in a row before bed time. AND we had pizza!

Swim lessons were concluded for the week.
We managed our strategic target for each day - and we're looking forward to swim lessons next week, too. The Strategic target remains the same for next week.

This week indicated that we were on the right track and plan. Now -- to figure out the right plan and strategy for actually going swimming.

That's an entirely different scenario.

Mother's log - out.


Halfmoon Girl said...

Wow, good job Mom! You retain your sense of humour despite craziness (I sound like one of those facebook quiz answers) AND, I didn't mean that YOU were crazy, just life...

Mother Mayhem said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date! ;o)

Growin' with it! said...

how corny would it be if i said your life was "outta this world"? bwhahaha. well, you have a great sense of humor with all that fun!

TobyBo said...

I'm exhausted after reading that and setting my coordinates for bedtime.

The Gang's Momma said...

Way to go with the flow! That remains one of my weaker points in parenting this large brood. I get distracted from my agenda and it makes my whole day disentegrate. Consciously working on it sometimes makes it worse. ;)

Dapoppins said...

Woooohooooo, hahahahahahah! Wow.

Now I need a nap.