Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let it Rain!!!

Rain has been on my mind for some time now. We had many, many days of rain not that long ago and everywhere I turned people were complaining about the rain. Don't get me wrong, I understand where they are coming from and I'm not issuing any sort of condemnation toward them. Then we had no rain. LOTS of humidity but no rain.

Today it's raining. I'm very grateful. There are lots of cracks in the dirt around the tree -- the ground is thirsty and I was going to have to water. (I often turn the sprinkler and then forget to turn it off)

Here in this state, we tend to get lots and lots of rain suddenly - and then nothing. Well, I guess humidity is something. A muggy, sticky something.

When people complain about the rain, I remind them they'll be wishing for rain in July and August. They don't always want to hear that - but sometimes it provides a perspective shift.

I really love the rain.

A few years ago, our state was in a very dry season. Actually a drought made up of about 2 or three years of not enough rain.
The church I was attending was also in the midst of a very dry season.

I have learned that often, what is happening in the physical, what-we-can-see-with-our-eyes, realm is often indicative of what is happening in the spirit realm.

So I was praying one day, as many people were, for rain. Thinking about how they can both be tied together. So I was asking for both Physical rain and spiritual rain.
We needed both so desperately.

Holy Spirit very clearly said, "People don't want it, because it will mess up their schedules."

I sat back and said "Ooooooooo ". It was a very big thought.

In the church - how often do we sit there with our programs and want God to fit inside them?

In the world, it's the same way. We only want rain when we want it.

It was then that I decided that I wanted the rain.
Any time - any place ...

because the alternative was (and is) -- drought.

Physical and spiritual drought.

We have to be willing to let Him rain on us....because sometimes He will interfere with OUR plans. our agendas. Our schedules.

I love the rain.
And now you know why.


Livin' Life said...

That's pretty cool. My Knight and I were also just talking about the implications of the spiritual on our natural rain. I will have to share with him what you said about messing things up. That was good. We have been experiencing a lot of rain right now too but I don't want a drought!

Mother Mayhem said...

Raining here. Both ways. ;o)

TobyBo said...

:) this makes me smile.

and I hate to ask, but I am assuming you did not get your little gift... is that right? has the post office let me down? if so I will see if I can do it over...

appleleaf said...

There's nothing like a decent, drenching rain to wash away all the dross from your spirit, when you come to think of it.
We've been having some good winter rain after four or five years of drought in Australia. It's great.
I appreciate your spiritual application, once again.
And about your last post, time sure does fly.