Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can you put the breaks on the Time Flight?

Everyone -- and I mean EvErYoNe -- says "Time Flies quickly".
I've decided that someone needs to pull the emergency brakes on this flight.
Time needs to pause. or SOMETHING.

We celebrated G-man's birthday on Monday. His actual birthday date is tomorrow. During the course of our family get together, Mini-Me started to complain that her birthday was LAST. She has her birthday in October. She consider hers last because it's last on the calendar.

I tried to point out to her the positives. In her calendar (the one that starts with her birth) her birthday is actually first.

She acknowledges this - but then points out that on *the* calendar, her birthday is last.

I tried another tactic. I pointed out to her that her birthday was in October. I asked her how many months was it from now until Christmas?? I was trying to point out to her that she was going to get presents before Christmas came along - but the others weren't.

Sure, we buy them stuff through out the year (My love language *is* gift giving - so this is a, *cough, cough* , given.)

(pun intended)

but the other kids would not get an "official" and wrapped present until then.

It didn't really convince her and it started my brain to thinking.

Sometimes thinking can lead to over thinking and then I'm in a bother.

Okay. Here goes... Am I the ONLY mom that does this??? I can't be.
I may be unique -- but I'm never *That* unique.

If there's only 4 months until Mini-Me's birthday, then that really means there's only about 2 months until we should start school back up (officially). That means that I'm so far behind I'm behind myself!!

My goal had been to do some light summer schooling to keep our math skills sharp and to get J-man ready for Kindergarten. I've done NOTHING. It's been such a crazy month that I've not wanted to do ANYthing - let alone school work.

So I need to get hopping. But we have swim lessons starting next week. They always come home tired from that. And this year ALL the kids are enrolled in swim lessons. ... and ... and ...

If it's 4 months until Mini-Me's birthday then it's really only a bit over 6 months until Christmas - and I don't have the house in order for School -- let alone CHRISTMAS....

And I'm 36. How did that happen??
With all my being behind in the stuff like school work and house work - how am I going to get ahead in the stuff that pertains to ME??

Does anyone have a paper bag???

*hee* *hoo* *hee* *hoo* *hee* *hoo* *heeeeeeee*

So to get ahead means I need to focus on the important things -- and the very important things at that. I'm not totally sure what they are, to be honest.

I have decided that I'll return that one book back to the library - it wasn't any good. And I don't have time to read non-good books.

I'll delete a few blogs off my google reader. They have readers in the hundreds. They make me laugh - but they won't miss me.

I'll trim back some other stuff around the house...and try to get back on our game plan of a cleaning rotation --

but still --

2 months.
4 months.
6 months.


I wish time would stop flying.


jugglingpaynes said...

Don't delete me! I only have readers in the tens! :o)

Happy birthday to G-man! I hope he has a lovely day! And tell Mini-Me that end of the year birthdays are the best because everyone is in a festive mood already! Mine is 3 weeks before Christmas and I've never regretted being born a month early. :oD

Peace and Laughter,

The Gang's Momma said...

Okay, so I guess the fact that I haven't made any firm decisions on any schooling issues for fall should have me in a panic. And I guess the fact that I read this in my pre-caffeinated early morning fog is preventing that panic. Whew. Good.

I'm going back to bed. :)

Breathe girl. You'll make it. Enjoy your time off, play with the puppy and swig back that diet stuff you love so much. It'll work.

If only we could get this time flying thing to slow down with the way our kiddoes are growing. BBE is ending first grade. How in the world did that happen?!

Mother Mayhem said...

You are NOT alone. ;o)