Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mom's Log: Swim Lesson Week 2

Mom's Log -- Star Date: Monday
Objective for this mission: Get everyone to class on time

We failed. We were a little late in obtaining our objective, but we still made it to swim lessons, so that really is still a success. Everyone is a little tired from being out late Sunday night. Last week there was a breeze, even a wind, each day of the week. Today, alas, there was none. It was hot.

We survived lessons and actually had nothing else planned that day.

Star Date: Tuesday
Objective: Get everyone to class on time & survive the heat
Minor Objective: See if the phasers can be set to "Taze" for the first person I remember saying they wished summer would arrive.

Today everyone is cranky. Which always makes for more challenging of an adventure.
We have claimed a's a metal picnic table under an umbrella. There's a mom and her boys that come sit with us at this time. She's very talkative and has boys that are exactly 2 years apart. All their birthdays are in July. 6, 4, & 2. The 4 year old loves whales, sharks and dolphins. He was thrilled to find out Mini-Me knew what a whale shark looked like. He asks her every day to draw him a shark or whale. She tried to draw one in a doctor's coat and he refused it. She tried to draw an entertaining seal and he refused that. I finally had to point out to the artist that Boy age 4 was looking for realism.

Luckily we go home.
I'm not melting - but I sure feel like it.

Star Date: Wednesday
We make it to swim lessons with time to spare, even though I didn't manage to get everything that I wanted for the time we are going to spend.

Today, I talk to G-man's teacher. He chose his words very diplomatically. I was impressed for someone that young to take such care with his words. He essentially told me that G-man tried every task given with gusto - but just couldn't quite accomplish the skills needed to move on to the next level.

I had a talk with Mini-me's teacher, and she said that there were still some skills that M needed to work on. The check list could not be checked off for Mini-Me being able to swim across the pool.

Bubbles is HOT before the big kids are even close to done with their lessons. Bubbles and I are a lot a like - She gets cranky when she gets hot. I get a brilliant plan to let her play in the shower to get wet and cool off. She loved the idea - but then she didn't want to leave. I did manage to get her out and to her swim lessons.

We go home even with the kids being a bit dejected. Everyone is hot and tired. We eat lunch and take naps.

Star Date: Thursday!!! LAST DAY!!
Ick. Today I am tempted to take my shoes off and get in the shower myself.
The last day of classes. We made a new friend with a dad who took his wife's place for a mommy and me class with his son. He plays with J-man and Bubbles for a bit. His son is 2. (He didn't look big compared to my chunk of a 3 year old - but his dad insisted that he was big for 2.)

Bubbles ends up playing in the shower for a bit again.
The big kids get to have a bit of fun for classes. G-man was the most excited. He got to jump off the diving board many times under the watchful eyes of the life guard and his teacher. The Life Guard even tries to teach them how to make a cannon ball.

J-man and Bubbles have their classes and they turned on the Shower sprinklers for their classes. My big kids are slightly jealous and would love to go play but I had to tell them no. Mini-Me is still dejected that she didn't advance to the next level. I explain to her that it's not that big of a deal. Most kids don't even bother to take level 5 classes and I'd rather her repeat the level than to drown in level 6.

J-man doesn't advance to Level 2 either. So we'll be repeating the same levels next year. Hopefully the classes will be much the same so that I can get in the first session in the first classes.

I can not imagine being in the later sessions that will take place in July.

As the lessons wrapped up, I refelcted on our weeks.
We looked to be a light on the pool deck. We got to talk to a mom and a dad (who liked to talk). They both helped ME pass the time. I hope that we helped them, too.

It made me realize, too, that we can not be so busy trying to be "Light" into the lives of others and not see when someone is shining their light into ours.

I'm glad that swim lessons are over. The kids are chomping at the proverbial bits to go swim. I'm chicken. I have to keep my eyes on two different kids who like to go two different places. Last year when J-man wasn't trying to drown, Bubbles was running away. Toward the exit.

I read the quote from the great philosopher Ferris Bueller this week. "Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

I don't want to miss life -- but trying to juggle "not missing it" and mommy-ness is my next challenge.


jugglingpaynes said...

Did you say juggle? :o)

Congratulations on making it through swim lessons. What a crazy couple of weeks!

I've been wishing for sun, not heat, btw. It's rained here for most of June, but I was perfectly happy with the cooler temps in our area! Unfortunately, hot and humid are starting to settle in here.

Peace and Laughter,

Classic MaMa said...

:) I just wish I could be there with you, kids in tow and laughing all the way.

TobyBo said...

I stopped by to say hi. I kind of know Ferris Bueller by heart but you notice the less nice parts when you watch it with your kids. DH put it in the trash. :(

The Gang's Momma said...

LOL - you crack me up. Glad summer has made it's arrival for you guys. We're still on the borderline. Some days summery, some down-right spring-like still. But the pool is warming up finally, so the kids are happy for that. :)