Sunday, June 21, 2009

Not exactly a super hero...

I've had this in my head for a few weeks now. I think it's time to download it out of my brain circuits and onto the computer circuits. Not that it's stellar or anything - but it'll at least free up brain space.

About a month ago, some one wrote in public for all the world to see, that he didn't understand how anyone could life in a state that passed a same-sex marriage amendment.

I understand what the Bible says about homosexuality (there goes my G rating) in Leviticus. I'm quite fine with God's position on it. (We are to hate the sin - not the sinner, but that's another post for another time.)

However, I was troubled by the blanket statement -- that included anyone and everyone.

Knowing many people who war in the spirit for their state and country, I pointed out to him that there were Christians living in those states. It was really quite pointless. His next comment told me that really, in his brain, he didn't understand why there wasn't a mass exodus of Christians from those states.

I guess he expected people to get up, uproot family and leave their jobs.
I was a bit saddened by this. There was no grace, there was no love - only judgement and law.
I understand using God's Word as a guide...but I also know what it's like to use the Word to only bring about judgement.

I gave up the conversation. It was a pointless pursuit to try to change his mind.

I didn't give up the thought in my heart, though. I came from such a religious thinking. How can I point out to people the need for grace and love? I mean, with that attitude, they will never ever see anyone set free from that lifestyle. Possibly from any lifestyle.

Then one night at church, I was encouraged by someone who preached that he wanted to be like LOT. Yes, the Lot in Genesis.

He's not a super hero.

God and Abraham had a talk about Sodom & Gomorrah. God was going to destroy the cities and Abraham interceded. (Abraham in this city is a very good example of intercessory prayer)

You can read the rest of the story - but the Angels go to the city gates to find Lot. For him to be sitting at the city gates, suggests that he was a city leader, an elder in the city.

God counted him righteous among a city of nuts and unrighteous. He was spared. Like I said, he was not exactly super hero material.

I want to be like Lot.
The world may be going crazy - but I want to be counted as righteous!!

I got a chance tonight to thank my preacher friend for his exhortation about Lot and I told him how it ministered to me. He said something that ties in with what God has been talking to me about letting your light shine!

He said, "What are we supposed to do? Abandon the cities for the demons to occupy?"

I could see it visually! I could see how we are the Light of the world. If the light totally leaves an area - it would be completely dark. That could preach!!! The song "Mighty to Save" says we're to let our light shine. So all the world can see ...

Letting our light shine means we're offering hope.

Letting our light shine means we're refusing to let the enemy take any more ground.

Letting our light shine means we're taking back the ground he's stolen.

I'm reminded of the scene in "The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings" when the Fellowship is the mines of Moria. Gandalf has to shine his light bright to scatter the bad guys.

I'm reminded of a scene in "Pitch Black" where the light kills and hurts the dark dwelling creatures. the creatures couldn't survive in the light. They had to wait for the light to completely leave before they came out.

We can't let the light leave (until God calls us out) - so I want to be like Lot. I want my light to shine, even when the world calls me crazy.

Because I know what happens when the light leaves. .... and I'm not ready to let that happen.


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Mother Mayhem said...

And a hearty AMEN from my little corner of the world! :o)

The Gang's Momma said...

Gooood STUFF! Love it. Amen and Amen and Amen!

Classic MaMa said...

Awesome! Awesome!!! We're supposed to go out into all the world and preach, not drag people into our churches and yell at them. :) Wonderful! Wonderful!

Dapoppins said...

This is why we are the body of Christ. Different parts, for doing different things. Hands and feet for doing the work and sharing the compassion, and then the soft inner workings protected by muscle, bone, and a some heavy duty armor. The body can not work without those inner parts, and but if the inner parts are exposed to the harshness of a bad environment they can sicken and die. I gave up seeing it as either or. It's both. We are not one person, we are many, some to feed the poor, some to be the poor, some to change the poor, and some to provide for the helpers...

Good post, got me thinkin.

Growin' with it! said...

living in oregon where i did...i went in with that attitude and certainly came away with the LOT mentality. after all, if we aren't the light in those places, who will be?

the Underdog said...

Hey Comfy-

This fits in line with your post perfectly:

I am, after all, the worst sinner I know.


the Underdog said...


Here is the complete article:


Halfmoon Girl said...

hmmm, yes, good words here. I have heard the same thoughts regarding Christian kids in public schools as well. I think we hurt SO many with our judgement- that is so unChristlike!