Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Extra Yarn

Back in August, I said yes. 
Then being short, I wondered why. Because I couldn't quite step over the creation.

The boys used skeins of yarn to build a house wide spider web.
I should have given them lessons. they didn't make use of any of the door knobs. 
Oh, well.

The next day, they wanted to reuse the yarn. 
I left them with The Professor. J-man persuaded him to take a picture.
I'm fairly certain it's not for the faint of heart.

spider web = HOURS of play time
I'm fairly certain this ranks right there with this event. Cleaning up was ... interesting to say the least. They had fun. Hours of entertainment.... that is priceless to me.


TobyBo said...

oh my. You are a *Brave* soul.*

and btw, I noticed some yellow in there. :)

Vicki said...


You are really making me miss the younger years. =)