Thursday, October 21, 2010


Do you suppose Cain and Able squabbled BEFORE that fateful day when Cain bashed Able over the head?? 

Oh... I love the part in that story where the God of all creation...the God who SEES EVERYTHING asked Cain, "Where's your brother?"

And Cain said.... like an idiot... "I'm supposed to keep up with him??" 

He HAD to know that God sees all...knows all. I mean.. Cain's DAD walked with God on a person to person -out for a stroll kind thing. Of all people... you'd think Cain would know not to trick God. 
Oh, well. That's not what I wanted to write about.

Today we hit a milestone in our schooling.

Besides the fact that we actually DID school... J-man and Bubbles know their vowels. It's been a long haul to get there. 

Our speech therapist has been wonderful explaining that J-man's hearing issues really did delay other areas of his life. I've felt like a failure for not teaching him the way the others could learn.

In fact, I prayed, actually prayed that Bubbles wouldn't learn to read before he did because J-man desperately wants to read. His brain just hasn't been processing things well.

However, the kid is rolling in math. He's acing and pushing. I may have him in first grade before the year is up. Phonics though -- So today was an encouragement to Me.

And to Him.

I teach J-man and Bubbles at the same time when we do phonics. 

And I can't. Or at least there can be no sense of competition in what we do.

There is literally too much "I'm smarter than you." going on. 
No matter how much I explain that this is a wrong outlook - the competitiveness is still rampant. 

Even to the point that the seven year old told the ten year old "I'm superduper smart and you're just a little bit smart".


THIS IS NOT in ANY of the Homeschool how-to books. NONE.
Not that I've read them all .... but i can guarantee you it's not.

There is a lot of "It's my turn"...and..."No! It's my turn!!"
I'm trying to take it all in stride...but sometimes it's not easy. 

All the competition really boils down to the fact that I've got four leaders in my house. 
Four world changers.....

...and, as someone pointed out, they're learning how to deal with the world through their interactions with their siblings.


Look out world....


Vicki said...

I love the world leaders point of perspective! Now how to figure out how to hold a positive Summit...

Sorry, I have NO clue.

I have faith in YOU though, as God is great and he is on your side.


CrossView said...

There's still the hope that they will get older and become fast friends. Hold on to that hope unless you see them bringing out hammers and baseball bats. =P

TobyBo said...

oh my.

My Mr Music is younger but passes Miss Dog Lover... my technique for making this less than obvious... they are in texts from different publishers for subjects they do separately.

it helps.