Saturday, October 16, 2010

A little Daffy...

J-man loves to play act what he sees. He makes stuff up - he takes a character and runs with it. 

He's actually a lot like me.

When I was  younger, I put myself in movies. Or took the characters and made new scenes for them. 

I would have made an excellent fan fiction writer. And really, I'm not saying that just to say it. I just didn't know what Fan Fiction was back then. 

So when J-man takes something like "Zorro" or a "Jedi Knight" and makes it his own, I commiserate with him. It's good for his imagination. 

It was good for mine. I was rarely bored. 

Tonight he was taken in by "The Scarlett Pumpernickel" as played by Daffy Duck. Gotta love it.
Okay, I guess you DON'T.... but I do.

It's rather fun to identify with your kids, I think.
It just makes life fun.

He took The Scarlett Pumpernickel to his video game and before long I hear him voicing the characters..

The bad guy says: "Ha HA!!! I've got you now Scarlett ExtraNickel!!!!"

I love that kid.

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CrossView said...

LOL! Who needs t.v. whe you have J-Man? Wait! I guess you do. He's gotta have new characters to learn!