Friday, October 22, 2010

Did you hear?

Oklahoma had an earthquake.

Oh, yes. We're so proud. Our very own earthquake.

The local news media even got their computer people busy.

 Are you impressed??
Seriously, these guys have mad photo layering skills or something - no sooner (snicker...)(OK *is* the sooner state) ... No sooner had we figured out that we'd had our very own earthquake - they had this out and running.

I guess it helped to have an earthquake last year...but that was really quite localized. 

My neighbor called me and said, "This is going to sound crazy - but I think we just had an earthquake."

OH!!! "Well, that makes sense. The bed just shook like the cat was jumping on the end- but there was no cat."

She was properly freaked. I was just amused.
The more she freaked - I actually got annoyed at her.
Sheesh.  She was messing with my amusement. 

I called the Professor, "Hey. I think we just had an earthquake."

"We did."


Of course, the hubbub about it lasted longer than the actual earthquake.

Some people have gotten a lot of fun out of the entire deal. There's a facebook group wanting answers for the 'mysterious earthquake'. Before the day was up there were TWO groups saying "I survived the Oklahoma Earthquake"

Then there's my favorite:

After reading that someone had purchased Earthquake insurance and remembering my freaked out neighbor, this picture just makes me laugh.

Of course, we don't have the earthquakes that California has. 
It wasn't a quake on the New Madrid fault (That will be a big freakin' mess)...
And I didn't have to sit in my bathroom for an hour waiting on the tornado to pass over head....

So I'm allowed to be amused.


Linda said...

Laugh Out STINKIN' Loud on that photo of the chair! and I sure don't miss those days of tornado season. Sounds like it was an eventful day for all!

jugglingpaynes said...

When the event is over and everyone is OK, I think you are aloud to laugh and joke about it as much as possible! Why have a heart attack over something you survived?

Peace and Laughter,

CrossView said...

ROFL! That picture is hilarious! I tend to lean towards amusement in most cases. Dome people just don't understand... ;o)

TobyBo said...

I am duly freaked out on your behalf.

Katie said...

You had an earthquake?! That's exciting! Kinda....

I love that picture, it reminds me of one I saw a few years ago showing winter in eastern Canada (crazy ice storms, downed power lines, blackouts) and winter in western Canada (people in windbreakers huddling around their Starbucks cup under umbrellas)