Saturday, October 16, 2010


I can not possibly be the only one who does this.

Though. I might be.

I sat down to blog something that J-man said because it was perfect.
And then I forgot what it was he said.

Am I the only one??

Let me tell you what he said recently, you know, before I forget.

In the van, he tends to jabber. Talk. Discuss. Smack talk. When he's not playing that is. Or just watching the world pass by his window. Sunday though, he jabbered and jabbered and jabbered. 

"J-man," says I, "You have opinions about everything don't you?"
 "Yeah." he says slowly, "It's 'cause I'm smart."

He really is starting to remind me of my brother. Both of them fall into the "third child. Second boy" birth order. Uncle KickButt's motto was "Diplomacy is the art of getting people to do things YOUR way." J-man is starting to use his words.

I'm trying to convince him to use his words for good. 
Not smack talking or hurting his sibs.
I've got a long way to go. 
because he could be a personification for the word, "Wail". Oy. that boy can cry. Those big blue eyes well up and that lip pouts and.... he criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies. He's six. He'll out grow it. 


So I was going to blog about the cute things said. Mini-me said, when she was watching her brother to make sure he didn't get away with something,  "I'm like a living alarm system with alarms."

Sitting at the computer, my mind went blank.

"Someone else said something cute. I know you did. Who was it and what did you say?"


Bubbles, (who's four) came up and said, "I cute, mama." She batted those lashes and grinned.

Yes you are. She uses it to advantage.
This morning I was considering blogging about my memory loss (Before I forgot what I wanted to say) and realized....

Bubbles and Dot Warner have a lot in common.

Just sayin'.


CrossView said...

Uh, yes. Too often. I've been thinking that I need to start carrying a notebook. Then, after I record all those funny lines, I can look back at it on a grumpy day.

I always said that God made 'em cute so we couldn't kill 'em.

Don't they make life interesting??!!

Vicki said...

Kids...they make life worth living.
Animaniacs...they make life silly.

(so do the kids!)