Thursday, January 21, 2010


So the other day, Bubbles, who's nearly 4 now. (WOW!) was coloring on fingernails. She wanted to color mine. I thought something along the lines of "Why not? It'll keep her busy. It'll wash."

She even had a pattern. Purple ... pink ... purple... you get the idea. then I had to wash it off.

Later, she wanted to do it again. This time she wanted toes, too.

And then things got carried away. I didn't mind. It's just skin. She started drawing on the foot. I really didn't mind. Self-expression is good. I kept telling her to NOT scribble -- to Draw..use other colors. She wasn't so keen on listening.

She added more colors. Not sure I liked the color scheme, but oh well - in for a penny, in for a pound.
  Then she moved to my arm. The Right arm:

I told her I didn't want a completely GREEN arm. So she switched to blue. Sigh.

She was only half interested in the left arm:

I added the blue lines as an example. "If she'd have used designs..."

Mini-Me freaked out quite a bit over the entire deal. "MOM! She's drawing on you!"
I had my lap top in my lap, I guess she didn't think I could feel it.

Bubbles sat next to me and grinned. Then reached up and scribbled on my forehead.

It was so fast and quick All I could was laugh.
Telling her "no" and laughing at the same time makes my 'no' completely unbelievable.
which is why there's more than one color.

She also got my chin and cheek and chest. (Darn V-neck t-shirt!)

My mom came by that day. Stopped cold at the door to ask, "Did you fall asleep and Bubbles get you with the markers?"

I went willingly. No sneak attack necessary.
I apparently left it on my skin for too long, though. It took a few showers to get the tint to finally go away.

Jane suggested I get a book called "Purple, Green and Yellow" by Robert Munsch.

Since Jane is a genius and I was ordering something from anyway, I included the book in my order.

I'm amused by the book itself -- but really - I'm amused by the size.

I have really small hands. Just so you know.

The Tile is exactly 13inches across. The feet belong to G-man and Mini-Me:

Mostly, I"m amused at the story.
Jane is a genius.

I am now free of marker dye.
It'll probably happen again.
and that's okay with me.


The Gang's Momma! said...

You are the coolest mom on the planet, I swear. And I love that you giggled your way through the "no's" - I'm really bad at that too. Especially with Dr. D. He cracks me up and I can't help it - even if it's really really wrong. :)

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh my! So artistic! Glad you were able to get it off though!

The Old Gray Mare said...

LOL! You may have created a monster. :o)

Holly said...

LOL!!! That is hysterical & you are my hero, you brave woman you. Holly

Poopsie said...

I think that it is great that you let her do that. As I read the post, I could recall that story by mr. Munsch. We have a larger version, though. :)

Thank you for the loving thoughts for my grand-niece. I posted an update.

Michelle said...

that is so funny! and yes, coolest mom on the planet!