Thursday, January 14, 2010

Things said and observations made...

"Good night, Gizmo. I'll most likely get rid of you in the morning." Says I.
"You're going to give Mini-Me a complex, if you keep doing that," observes the professor.
"Why?" I want to know. "I'm not getting rid of HER."


Mini-me tells me "I may have astronomy and spelunking as my hobbies when I'm older."
I love that she chose these. and impressed that she said "May". As if she's keeping her options open.


I'm a romantic. Utterly.
The Professor is utterly not.
He's a geek. Gamer geek.
I am not. (I like games, don't get me wrong -- just not like he does).

It's a wonder we have four children.
Oh, heck.It's a wonder we talk.
At. all.

He keeps me I can keep my head in the clouds.



"Mom!!" g-man says, "Robert E. Lee was cool!!"
Next day:
"MOM!!! Ulysses Grant went to school with Robert E. Lee!" ... "He's cool, too."
History buff in the making?


Uncle Kick-butt got himself engaged.
To someone that's sweet. and special.
She thinks he's cute. Even when he's annoying.
To this sib - when he's annoying - he's just annoying.
he's a great brother though.
Today's his birthday.
He's 31.
Which means .. I'm going to be 37.

My logic spasms just a bit at that number.
So I focus on the fact that he's 31. And wishes him a happy birthday.


Went to see Avatar last night.
I liked it.
A Lot.
I want to see it again.


Valentine's day is coming up. It's hard to miss. They put the decorations up the minute the clock struck midnight the day after Christmas.

The professor is worried about finances.
So I asked what he wanted to do.
(Bubble's birthday is actually on the 14th. So we adjust our date stuff to celebrate her birthday.)
I asked, "Are we doing gifts or not?"
He was mulling it over and I asked myself, "YOU IDIOT!! What *are* you doing?!? Your love language is gifts! You'll be bummed if he doesn't get you something for valentine's day. The romantic in you will probably be disappointed anyway - because it's a well established fact that he's not.
But a gift is a gift. Right?"
And if I told him "no gifts" - he wouldn't break that. At all. Ever. Never ever.

So we'll set a budget for gifts.


sometimes life is just too normal to blog about.


Livin' Life said...

Love It!! You are truly a kindred heart of mine. Now that you said Avatar is cool I will go see it. I was getting good reviews but from guys now that you said it was good I will see it. I have been itching too. It looks amazing.

Your life is lovely even in the day to day stuff of it all.:-)

jugglingpaynes said...

Did you read the comparison floating around the internet about Avatar and Pocahontas? If not, I'll send it to you. Too funny! :o)

I understand your need for gifts. Really I do. But I would be happy if I could just have one day where someone else took care of the dishes, laundry and litter boxes without having to ask. Or nag.

Just saying. :o)

Peace and Laughter,

Dapoppins said...

I liked AVATAR too! As a lover of fiction, I thought there were a lot of great ideas in the story, the literal "all things are connected" was cool even if it isn't the way I roll here on earth. However, it was a great concept that I wish I would have thought of...Nine foot tall blue people who make things glow in the dark, also very cool...the setting, awesome. The story itself, flat. I think it had all the bones to be something new and fantastic...A hero's saga like Star Wars, the science was even interesting, the world lovely, but the characters were nothing new. I liked them...but I wanted a real story, not a rework of Disney Pocahontas. I mean, gracious, Pocahontas even had THE TREE! and all the same characters!


You really did want me to post a review, right?