Friday, January 29, 2010

Lovely to look at!

Since I was in a mood ... a funky mood ...
and felt like writing ... I decided to search around for a new blog look.
Several of my blogging buddies have grabbed some back grounds from Cutest Blog on the Block.
I liked what I saw. But I couldn't find something that was me.

So I paid them.
I warned them -- "I'm like this with the lady who does my hair"
I want quirky, unique - Maybe something denimy because... I am, after all, Comfy Denim.
Colors to go with it?? Maybe Purple??

They read my e-mail.
The didn't respond to tell me - "You're a bit too crazy for us" ... in fact the next thing I heard from them was "What do you think of this?"

The back ground was great! They had a question - Do you want more?

I didn't know.
What did they think??

(Yes. I do this with my hair dresser!)

They sent back a design -- and it was perfect.

Then they sent the banner and I about hurt myself with Glee.

So here's the first post with my new blog-do. and I can't wait to write more.
It's like having a new pad of paper.

Thanks to Lyndzi and the wonderful As yet to be named designer(s).
I love it.


Halfmoon Girl said...

It's great! I know exactly what you mean about finding the background that connects with you- that is why I have changed mine about 3 times in as many months...BUT because I have Scottish blood running through my veins, I am too cheap to pay for a custom background. Enjoy writing on your fresh look!

Oh, the verification is foode- yup, that's me- a foodie!

The Gang's Momma! said...

I love it! I noticed it when I was searching for that celebrity thing.

Which by the way, was hauntingly unflattering. UGH. I'll have to find a pic of me that doesn't scare me. THEN maybe the unknown celebs they pull from the "C" list won't scare me too!

When I have more time to sit and play. And I'm not supposed to be making dinner . . . ;)

A&EMom said...

I like it! I suits you :)

Classic MaMa said...

Very cute!!

Christa said...

It is lovely! And oh-so-YOU!

Kahri said...

Love it!

Katidids said...

Wow, this is great! Love the fresh new look~! I can never decide so I leave it as so

jugglingpaynes said...

The front is nice. What does the back look like? :o)

Peace and Laughter,

The Old Gray Mare said...

Very chic!

40winkzzz said...

it's denim and it's busy-- so it must be you. (busy is ok, though, bc it isn't busy where people have to read. that works.)

my current hindrance to switching to blogger (it's always *something*) is figuring out a blog name. not sure i want to continue with "life at the w.a.c.k.o.s." after i get that figured out, i'm sure the hindrance will be figuring out a background....

ps- verification is "anter." that's kind of funny, considering...