Wednesday, August 6, 2008

That's Miss Snot to you

I took Mini-Me with me last night to a meeting. Knowing that there were going to be moms and a few other kids there and hoping that she'd find a friend to play with. There were kids from 4 - to teenagedom there.

The Mom's were busy talking homeschool stuff - and the kids were busy trying to be quiet and noisy at the same time. On the way home, Mini-Me told me a story.

There was a boy (Boy A), she's not sure who he was - just that she thinks he was a teen, and BoyA had a pingpong ball. She said another boy, BoyB, took the ping pong ball and hid it in the kitchen area.

Boy A "made" Boy B show him where he'd hidden the ball. It was gone. Swiped. Not by Boy B, though.

Mini-Me had followed them quietly because she wanted to know where the ball had been hidden. Boy A turned to Mini-Me and asked her, "Did you steal it?"

To which she replied, "I did not steal it."

To which he called her a "Grammar Snot".

In the car last night, in the dark, she paused at this point in the story and said, "What's a 'grammar snot'?"

To which I did the only motherly thing I could think of....

I laughed.

and then I stopped. I had to think of it...and had her repeat the story as exact as she possibly could. Really, why else would he tell her that?

I said, 'You speak clearly, you use big words, and you enunciate properly. In short, you communicate well."

She uses big words that make grown ups laugh. It's quite fun...
Now I've got to figure out a way to insert some sass into her answers for comments like that... ...the trick is being respectful AND sassy at the same time.

one thing about it - they'll understand her.


Melanie said...

oh no... I fear I am the mother of Boy A. I just double checked that fear by going and asking Boy A what a Grammar Snot is... He looked at me with that kind of look where you know he just realized that mothers really DO KNOW EVERYTHING! I told him a story about Boy A and Boy B.. he said he would be Boy C. Too late.. I know him. I know he is Boy A.

So I asked him again.. what is Grammar Snot?

"Well, if you ask most people a question they would say 'No, I didn't' but she said, No I did not." Then he followed it up with, "Basically it's a good thing."

So there you have it.. the new term of endearment.... Grammar Snot.

BUT, it's NOT basically a good thing if her feelings were hurt in any way. Please let her know that Boy A was saying she speaks really well... and that considering we have been in Speech Therapy for several years.. well, that's saying a whole lot.

And rest assured that I will (and have) let him know of some more appropriate terms of endearment..

Wow.. this comment is wordy.. I guess you could call me the Comment Snot! (wink)

Livin' Life said...

YOu go Mini-Me!! I am always correcting my boys. They hate it but I really like it when I hear good grammar!!!

Our Peculiar Life said...

High Five for Grammar Snots!!

Arby said...

That's cool. I do not know which story is better, the original, or Melanie's catching her son.

Growin' with it! said...

well, at least she's not shakin' her finger and swivlin' her head as she gives her answers! 5 points for grammar snots! they rock.

Classic Mama said...

I LOVE it! I want to be a grammar snot, but alas, I use too many contractions.

I think Mini-Me should start a club.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I think if she just adds in some well timed body language, it will add the needed sass. Good grammar can be sophisticatedly snotty.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I just wanted to add that my last comment made me think of Lilith from Cheers.