Thursday, August 21, 2008

Knight Unassuming

Just in case you might not know, This is The Professor. He's a professor by day, a gamer at night, and always my Knight in Shining Armor.

In this picture, you might not see the glint of his armor. Or his valiance. But it's there.

Today, we discovered that we needed 2 new pair of shoes. G-man and Mini-E were both complaining of feeling pinched. Since I needed to pick up some flea preventative, we headed to the shoe store. (What? You don't buy your shoes and dog meds at the same place??)

I should have said, since we were going out anyway, we'd stop at the shoe store first.

The very nice, very patient man measured their feet and, yes, they both needed shoes. They were both wearing shoes that were too small.

I think it's the challenge that comes with summer. They wear sandals all the time. And then suddenly, they need sneakers. Or tennis shoes, as we call 'em.

It took us nearly an hour at the shoe store, between waiting for help and then getting fitted. We were going to pick up lunch and take it to the professor and then go pick up the stuff we needed to pick up.

But then I looked at the gas gauge.
First things came first.
While at the gas pump, I noticed something missing from my wallet. In fact,Two somethings. My ATM/Debit card and my driver's license. Two things my wallet should never be without.

My plans were threatened. They were in jeopardy of being shot down in a horrible massacre. If I had to drive all the way home, I was not leaving the house again until Saturday.
Then, I called the Professor. I explained the situation.

I probably whined a bit.
I'm only human.
They were great plans!!

He was willing to drive over to pay for the gas, but allowed me to put it on the credit card, instead. (because I thought it silly for him to drive over to me.) Then he had us come pick him up. We went to the bank where he let me use his atm card. We had lunch. We took him back to work. He let me keep his card and I was able to finish my errands.

He was my knight in shining armor today.
I even thanked him for being so.
He said, "Well, I try."

Today he did more than try, he succeeded.
He's my unassuming Knight in Shining armor.


The Gang's All Here! said...

So sweet. It's those quiet unassuming ones you have to watch out for ;) ;) ;)

Classic MaMa said...

I laugh so often when I read what you write because I really think that you are me, just in a different state. I would have done EXACTLY the same thing and my Not-So-Classic would have coem to my rescue. I just think it's funny. :)

A&EMom said...

Awww, he's a keeper!

P.S. That explains the little sack of blessings on my porch! Thanks!

Our Peculiar Life said...

so glad he is your knight in shining armor and not your parole officer. ;-) Great job, Doug!! Way to rescue!

Vicki said...


Growin' with it! said...

love having a knight of my own. better be giving your some good lovin' for his galant efforts!

loved the song btw. hadn't heard that one yet!

TobyBo said...

ah, that is the kind of armor that does not tarnish.

Halfmoon Girl said...

ah, what a sweet guy you've got- but sounds like you already know that.