Thursday, August 7, 2008

Faces of the Past...

Okay. I admit it.
I've been splitting my time between Blogger and Facebook.
I haven't had anything to blog about and, well, Facebook has GAMES.

So I've been plodding along playing games (I beat my highscore on WordCube-- now at 10,100!!) (yes, I'm bragging) and playing with this crazy little thing called "Flair". I like facebook in that it allows me a little bit more connection with my friends - in a fun way. It does not, whatsoever, replace a good old fashioned telephone call (or letter) or new fangled e-mail. It just gives me glimpses into their lives.

This is where I'm having a difficult time reasoning things out in my mind.
On Facebook, if you've never been there, there's this thing called a "Friends list". You add people to be your "Friend" - and only after you've done that can they see more details about you (what you've posted on the "about you" list). It can be lots of details or little details. You can post pictures. You can actually blog on there - but I refuse. (It's not nearly as nifty as Blogger.)

I'm having the most trouble with this thing called a "Friend's List" and adding in faces from the past who WERE NOT actually friends at all. Do I add them to a thing called a Friends List?? Ack. I have blogger friends that I would gladly add as friends (and have done so) but some of these other faces from the past -- they're not much more than acquaintances. Nodding acquaintances at best.

Most of these people are from the church I left many months ago...and we barely talked at the church - let alone now that I'm no longer wandering the halls.

I have a friend on Facebook who has over 300 people on her "Friend's List" - that's amazing to me. 300 people.

I'm not sure I KNOW 300 people. I realize that Facebook is mostly about networking and meeting people - but I can't really see how - when you're not really meeting each other and most likely you're just sending invites to join a group or pass along penguins (which I have been invited recently).

I love being connected to people who actually KNOW me. It's fun to get their comments and to see the snippets of their lives -- but..

It's all put me to thinking of the meaning of "Friends".
I have realized that I don't take this word lightly. Just like I don't put the combination together of "best" and "friend" -- because that's almost like a covenant to my thinking.
I'm not sure I can adjust my thinking in this facebook economy where, apparently, friends are as cheap as "sheep tossing".

As I was thinking of this word "Friend", I got to thinking of friends that have passed through my life. And even though their season as friend might be over, I'd still add them to this, now nefarious, list.

I'm still having trouble adding those that weren't my friends to begin with to my friends list. I may never figure out the right solution - but I'm grateful for the friends that I do have. Those that I blog with and those that I talk with... they make life so much sweeter and interesting. Like Strawberry lemonade.

You never know what you're going to get in your glass - but you know it's good.


jugglingpaynes said...

Maybe they should have an acquaintance list, so you can get to know these people a little better. ;o)

I don't use Facebook or anything like that, although I do have a Meez, but I only use that to have access to their games. LOL! I prefer "meeting" people through blogging and the Library Thing discussion boards. I think reading people's ideas and thoughts endears me to them. But I was never a friend collector.

A different term would help. If not acquaintance, maybe "interesting profile." Friend is a strong term for me as well.

Peace and Laughter!

kardel said...

I just found facebook too! I like it, but like you, a lady from my church requested to be my friend and I don't know her. I accepted her,but may delete her soon. Someone told me that if you do that, they don't know.

I didn't know you can blog on facebook. How? What else do you know that you can do with it?

Halfmoon Girl said...

I didn't know you could blog on facebook either. I am not very facebook literate. I think I will stick with Blogger too. I hear you on the friends list. I have ignored some requests, though often I add them anyways, but usually while I am thinking, "but why?"

Monkey Giggles said...

I just have not brought myself to set up a facebook account. I know I'm living in the pass. I just have not caught the facebook fever. I have a real problem with given out my real full name to be spread all over the internet. I know a bit weird, since I do blog.

Growin' with it! said...

Ahem, I'M on facebook and would love to be on your list!!! boy do i know what you mean in all this.

Livin' Life said...

Wow, I really connected with your post. I struggle with this stuff too. I have not gone to Facebook yet, so many other crazy things in my life right now but I have seen some of these that have 300+ friends. Friend is a powerful word for me so I would struggle with who I would deem as my "Friends". I liked this post. Very thought provoking.

NeeCee said...

I'm with you on not blogging on Facebook. To me, its all about the games, especially MouseHunt.

I like to think of my friends as being either "the inner circle" or "the outer circle". Those close to me where I tell my secrets, my pain and my triumphs are in the inner circle. Those that I know, like but not that close to are in the outer circle. I guess I will have to add a Facebook circle now. ;0)

The penguin is one of my favorite animals. It ranks up there with the cows. So getting a penguin is an honor. LOL

The Gang's All Here! said...

Well, I think I'm one of your friends. Or you are one of mine. Not that I can tell for sure cuz my facebook page is totally screwed up every single time I log in. I can't read anything and end up being really ticked and logging out. Can't seem to find the problem, but it's only on the home computer. And it's the only site I have probs with. So, I skip it. So, if we are facebook friends, thanks for adding me. And sorry I never fling anything at you or write on your wall - it's too painfully complicated. And I have packing I need to start :)

melanie said...

To some people it's all about having a higher number of friends than everyone else.

I was into myspace for a little while- finding old friends from the past. But it seemed so trashy to me. I should check out Facebook though- it seems much better than myspace.

appleleaf said...

I've never checked out Face Book although I've always meant to. I'm glad you've been keeping up the blogging too, though.
Great letter arrived early last week.
Blessings to all of you,

KarenW said...

I just found (or they found me) 3 friends on facebook that I haven't seen in 15-20 years. I don't get on there a lot but now that you told me there's games. . . I need to go check that out now!

TobyBo said...

LOL, the computer definition of "friend" kind of bugs me... but it suits Miss Dog Lover (who is on the autism spectrum) to a T... she would just love to go up to someone and say, "Can I be your friend?" click and it's done. No hard relational work whatsoever.

I wonder if the lingo was made up by adults on the spectrum.

Vicki said...

Your funny!

I'm still chuckling over the last three posts! Lol, where'd you hear about sheep tossing? That sounds soooo Monty Python! And I'd have died laughing had she of responded with, "That's MISS Grammer Snot to you."

As for Facebook, I haven't bothered as I have too many blogs, a Myspace (since that's where my friends and kids are, a Runescape and most recently, a WOW account.

I'm going to lose my mind if the internet ever dies.

Debbie said...

*BLUSH* I just signed up for facebook, but I don't know anything about it....and I don't think I will hang around long enough to master the controls either! *smile*

When I signed up there was a list of people that came up with a message that I knew them, but after further investigation, I realized that my "potential friends" were in my address book from blogger and other sources.(craigslist) I didn't know it was going to be synchronized with my email address.......*smile* so it took me a bit to go through these....

I guess I am just not "with it" enough to enjoy it....*sigh*

Debbie said...
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Debbie said...

And after DUPLICATE comments, it doesn't seem that I know too much about this either! LOL! Sorry...

Mrs. Darling said...

I signed up for face book because I got so many notices that my friends have added me. I go there about once every three months. Its all I can do to keep up with my blog. I dont need another thing yet. But yeah, Im with you on that friends thing. It should have an acquaintence list.

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I'm never sure what to do when I get a friend request from some one I kind of knew way back when. What were they doing? Going through a yearbook? Adding any name that sounded familiar?
Anyway, my sister has 838 "friends". Yeah, I don't think so!!