Friday, August 13, 2010

Yellow in a Tree

My understanding of "yellow" began way back ....Wow. WAAAAAY back in April of '09. Here, if you don't have a "Wayback machine" (I've heard they're hard to find) -- You can visit the first post here.'s been a continuing learning experience.
I've seen someone who needs hope receive a yellow scarf.
I get a smile everytime I see yellow.

And sometimes..God gives me a yellow kiss.

Sunday night in our little church, through a prophet in the room, God singled out a few people in attendance but then said this is for everyone.

He then said "Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Hope deferred makes the heart sick! I am going to give you all a new infusion of hope."

Well, I loved this. When you're going through a hard season, you need hope in order to be able to press through the chasm between the rock and the hard place. I knew I needed hope.

I woke up on Monday morning I woke up with the chorus "Tie a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree...." in my head. Mostly whenever that happens, that I wake up with a song in my head, it's God. So I thought. "Cool. I like that song." followed by something along the lines of "Weird, God." I didn't really think too much more about it. Except to come back and remember that I'd woken up with that really random song playing in my head. Tuesday I was still thinking about it.

It had my attention. Then I remembered. Yellow is the color for hope. Well. Awesome. How about that??

Wednesday, it still had my attention so I turned on YouTube and looked for the song and played it.
The song is about a man "who's done his time" in prison and it's "been three long years".
Three long years got my attention. For us, here in our laundry pile, it's been three long years.

Of course, you know the story in the song. If you don't - never fear. I'm giving you a link. The crux of it is, he's (the singer) wanting to know if his girl will still "be mine". He's willing to "Stay on the bus, forget about us" if she doesn't tie a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree. I got to thinking about the story, how God put the song in my heart, the lyrics of being free after three long years and suddenly I wanted to tie a yellow ribbon around our oak tree in the front yard.

Problem was, I didn't have ribbon.
Then I remembered I had string. The boys had made spiderwebs all over the house with all my yarn, but there was still a blob of yellow.

So we hung yarn trailers here and there on the branches. BUT ... I wanted to do more. Melody and I made paper chains and hung them. I made circles to hang from the bottom branches under the tree canopy. The neighbor kids came to ask what we were doing so I told them:

Well - yellow is the color of hope and I decided we needed some more Yellow!!

Last night, I bought more yellow construction paper. This morning I received a phone call. Someone I know, love and Trust said, "Don't you see? God was asking you 'Do you still want me?!' and you responded and then you responded more."

Last night I had a dream there was frost on the ground she said, "That wasn't frost!! That was MANNA!!"


There were other things in my dream that made me discount it - but now -- now I just want to hang more yellow stuff. That paper I boght last night?? It will be put to good use!!!

It's been three long years - God still loves me. (Pictures at the bottom!)

If you want to sing along:

Our oak tree in the front yard

Festooned with yellow!

Tried to get all sides of the tree before we ran out of paper ...

I like the contrast!

Under the canopy of the tree, I thought that it would be fun to hang ornaments. so I made my own.

It really made me happy!

We had a Breeze!!!! it was 110degrees but we had a breeze!!!

Yellow on a tree

And that's one more lesson in Yellow.
I've never had a favorite color - there's just too many to choose from.

but I'm reconsidering it.


jugglingpaynes said...

That is so beautiful my Comfy friend!

I never realized yellow was the color of hope. My youngest loves yellow!

Peace and Laughter,

Mother Mayhem said...


Makes me want to hang some yellow myself!

TobyBo said...

this makes me smile.

I shall wear yellow tomorrow. :)

Miss Language has had me read a book called The Healing Path: How the Hurts in Your Past Can Lead You to a More Abundant LIfe. Here is a quote for you: "Hope is a memory of the future." We look forward to His coming as we remember past redemption. "Hope frees us to live for God's purposes."

Remember: I'll be wearing yellow just for you. :)