Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gondola Ride...

Idaho's Silver Mountain
I wish there was a holy sort of gondola ride - like you find in the mountains.

Even though I'm rather scared (see: Terrified) of heights, I'd still like to ride one, I think. In a metaphorical sense, that is.

What I'm wishing was that we could have those highs with God - like I experienced on Friday - and have a slow ride back to reality.

Instead of the bone jarring drop that we had.

It was 115 degrees (heat index) on Saturday. The Professor's air conditioning was not working. And he was coming home day after day after day feeling headachy, ill and grumpy.

The A/C needed to be fixed. Bone Jarring: $1,300 to fix it AND the headlights that were not working. The little stick on the steering column was broken. It had to be replaced. The compressor on the A/C was out- and when the A/C blows there's several other things that need to be fixed, too. Just swell.

This is after the van's $1,500 bill LAST month.

Then Mini-Me's hamster dies. Sir Whisker's just dies. Robo.Dwarf hamsters really only live about 3 years. and we think he'd just reached his end. It was creepy fishing him out of the hamster cage.

One of the kids in Mini-me's youth group called her an Albino at their swim party. It greatly hurt her feelings. She tried to get even by splashing him - but the offender being a boy probably thought "hey, splash fight". I had to explain what an Albino is...and how she didn't fit the bill. She's the same coloring as Snow White. With out the cherry red lips.


I had to stay home from church because I had a nauseous G-man. The professor came home "blah" - which really let the wind out of my sails. I didn't know I had wind in my sails, either, until it was gone. "Blah" for him translates close to depression for the rest of the world.

It wasn't his weekend. And he's far from looking forward to work.

So. I'm wishing we had a slower descent back to reality.
Especially since reality sucks. 


Mother Mayhem said...

Hug? HUG.

CrossView said...

Yeah, those times pass. But they seem like foreveer in the midst of them.

My 20-yr old is white-white. She's been teased about it for years. One of my favorite responses is when she holds out her arm and says; "This IS my bling"! ;o)

TobyBo said...

I'm wearing yellow. :)