Thursday, August 5, 2010

I gave birth to a Hobbit

I'm not entirely sure I know how that happened, either. This birthing of a Hobbit. I mean, The Professor is 6'0 and quite human. I am 5'2" and also quite human.

Bubbles, who is enjoying being big and brushing her teeth on her own, is apparently a Hobbit.  I'm not talking size.

She is the one child most built like me. She looks like me, too.
I mentioned to my grandmother "She's built like me." and my grandmother said, "Awwww" with much pity in her voice.

Sigh.  she'll happily tell you all that's wrong with you, too.

A Hobbit, if you don't know, enjoys many meals through a day. I found the Feeding Schedule.  It comprises of:
1. Breakfast
2. Second Breakfast
3. Elevensees
4. Lunch
5. Afternoon Tea
7. Supper

I've determined that Bubbles eats like a Hobbit. She will eat a little bit of this or that, determine she's full and then wait to see what everyone else eats. Or even decide for herself that it's time for a second breakfast. 

If Bubbles doesn't like what she has on her plate, she'll gleefully eat from yours. She cares not for your personal space or preference. Food is for sharing.

 Bubbles brings a completely different dynamic to the family than what I might have expected. She is the one child that, if she decided, could be president. Of ANYTHING. Considering she's behind many of the fights in the house, she won't be instigating world peace. But whatever she's president of, I'm fairly certain they'll eat well.


Mother Mayhem said...

Hm... Judging from your description, Sweetums may have a lil Hobbit in her as well. Only she eats big portions. She also likes to share food, just not HER food. ;o)

CrossView said...

I think I know your grandmother. ;o)

Feeding a hobbitt sounds like quite an interesting experience!

TobyBo said...

but does she love mushrooms? and does she have hairy feet? we consider those the essential hobbit distinctives.

I am glad to see you posting. I miss you when you're MIA.