Monday, September 29, 2008

Random Nonsense from The Laundry Pile...

First off, I'm laughing at the comments from those of the OCD persuasion. The Offending Encyclopedia has been fixed. Do I need to post a picture to prove it?

Our weekend was quiet. The kids and I were attacked from some sort of allergy "thing". So school work was sporadic. J-man was discovered to have an earinfection. Friday, I decided I didn't feel good. So I sat. Well - and scrapbooked a bit. I'm waaaay behind. I had pictures from 1998 (!!!) that needed to be put in a book. Journaling was important for those pictures, because the memories were fading.

I found pictures from the Christmas where we got our very first Nintendo. The Original Nintendo. Then I found pictures when My brothers got the Super Nintendo. Then I found pictures where they got the very first Gameboys (The ones without the backlights and no color.) . It was fun to travel back in time to remember.

The weekend was fun. Nice and quiet. We took naps.
The Professor decided it was THE weekend. It was time.
THE weekend for the kids to see "The Empire Strikes Back".
Personally, I'm disenchanted with the entire franchise. I keep seeing so many plot flaws...and I used to like the movies. Maybe it comes from having seen Star Wars over and over again.

My 4 year old can hum the theme.

Han Solo is still the movies saving Grace. Yoda was giggled over much, I'd forogtten how fun he was when he first met Luke. The kids thought the movie interesting. G-man really was in Awe of the whole thing.

After watching Han Solo (who rocks!) get encased in Carbonite, I told him that the kids would now have to see how the original series ends. They couldn't just wait to see Han Solo get released. Han Solo really keeps the movies together for me.

After enduring the endless questions -- and comparisons to the Lego Star Wars game - The Professor wasn't sure the kids would ever watch Star Wars AGAIN. EVER.

He relented and let them watch "Return of the Jedi" on Sunday.

After watching-- this is the video that keeps replaying in my mind.

The Kids made the comments that Lego Star Wars is much funnier than the actual movie. I have to agree.

That's why I'm grateful that there are people on YouTube who do stuff like the above.

And that was our weekend.


Classic MaMa said...

Not So Classic is about to pee his pants and hyperventhilate at the same time. He just watched the Darth Vader clip. He'd respond, but I think he's just busy trying not to wet himself. Thanks. :) As you can tell, my twin, we love the Star Wars too. Of course. Aren't we seriously the same person? Oh my. there he goes again. "Can we watch it again?" he asked in between wheezing. Yes. Here we go...

ThoughtfulMom said...

OK - now THAT was funny. Much funnier than the movie. And it got the King and I both laughing aloud. Thanks!

Livin' Life said...

Where do these people get the time to do this Youtube stuff. I loved it thuogh. I am a huge, huge fan of star wars and yes my favorite character is Han Solo closely followed by Chewbaca.

Dapoppins said...

My boys saw the first Star Wars this weekend too. And I drooled over young and cocky Han Solo! And my 4 year old did all the music too!

I think something is off on my browser. It isn't just one you-tube I can't watch, I can't seem to get past the first few seconds of ANY videos.

Growin' with it! said...

welcome to the world of endless lightsabers, darth vadar voice impersonations and r2d2 noices! loved the video. hmm, wish it was YOU on the video today...not too late to participate!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Hey yah, Linda's right. You should be posting a video since you are the technologically advanced family- compared to mine, anyways- i couldn't even get my video to load. typical. Who knew that Darth was such a big teaser?!

jugglingpaynes said...

LOL! That was funny!

I actually got a lot more out of the movies after reading Star Wars and Philosophy. The second movie (umm...fifth?) is really the most spiritual of the original trilogy. Too much to get into on a comment though. ;o)

I hope you are all feeling better. We've been suffering from allergies and colds here too.

Peace and Laughter,