Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A few things said around the Laundry Pile

Sunday, we had the pleasure of hosting my father in law for breakfast. The Professor cooked. I found these sausage links from Banquet that you just brown and serve. Which is awesome for me, I'm terrible at cooking sausage. I typically burn the outside and the inside is still pink.

My mom says I should cook them slower.
Who wants to wait that long?

My father asked J-man if he wanted some sausage.
J said, very sincerely and emphatically, "No. They spicy all the way down."
Which, to interpret means, They burn all the way down. Which also means - they're too spicy for him.

It's become a favorite phrase. Spicy all the way down.

Yesterday, we started our school the way I always want to - with our Bible reading.
This year, we are studying Matthew. Which should be fun, it's the Professor's favorite book in the Bible.
I was beginning to read, reminding the kids of what's happened before. G-man interrupted me, "Mom!!! You're preaching the gospel!!"

I had to grin.
At least he seemed happy about it.

We went with my mom to see my grandmother. My mom's mom. My kid's great-grandma.
Mini-e was in a great mood. She spent some time talking to my Nina.
Nina asked her, "What's on that rug over there?" (She meant the picture ... a bunny. It's an easter bath mat she keeps at the foot of her chair.)
Mini-E walked over and picked something up and took it back to her.
I just rolled, "You asked her what was on the rug! She brought it to you."
We still don't know what it was.

So Nina went over to pick up the rug to talk about the picture. Mini-E identified it correctly, "A Munny!!" (Which is bunny in her language.) They talked for a minute more until Mini-E declared,

"MY Munny."

She knows what she wants.


Yesterday, we went to a hobby shop to get some clay. I like the stuff I see at the stores, but with my kids I don't want to spend all the money to get the really expensive kind. It would bug me if they ruined the Sculpe*y I hunted out self-drying regular clay.

On the way in, I realized how scruffy I must look.
I had cut off jeans on and a t-shirt with a hole in it. I thought that the jean shorts didn't look bad unless they're coupled with the hole-y t-shirt.
I commented, rather absentmindedly, that I had a hole in my shirt.
"Yeah," said mini-me, "It looks like it's right where your... I mean MY belly button would be."


Note to self - work on toning exercises.



Classic MaMa said...

I love hearing the random happenings at your house. I especailly love kid-speak. I was so very sad the day that Scarlett stopped calling her favorite movie "Cindawella."

TobyBo said...

about that belly button... tact is a great thing. Miss Dance greeted Devastatingly Handsome on his birthday with, "Do you feel old?" LOL. Better him than me.

Poopsie said...

Great stories!
Where my belly button would be...
Don't feel bad, that would be about 6 inches above where mine really is. :)

Vicki said...


Your kids are so cute!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Love the belly button comment! I need some kind of recording system for all the random things that are announced around our house.