Thursday, February 28, 2008

What fun...

I would sing "O, What a Beautiful Mornin'" from "Oklahoma" - but it's WAAAAAY past mornin'. (And this morning was v.e.r.y. chilly. ) And that song just has a way of sticking in your brain and repeating over and over and over again. So I won't sing it. I'll just link to it. That way, if you follow the link, it's not my fault. I didn't make you push the button.

We went this morning to take J-man to the dentist. It was time for a check-up! He passed the test. He even went back with the hygienist all by himself. He had his teeth cleaned without needing me there with him. Very much unlike G-man when he started going to the dentist. It took 2 of us to hold him down.

I was called back to visit with the dentist and actually see the dentist examine his teeth. Mini-E went with me. They watched Scooby-doo on the TV and waited. The dentist came. Mini-E is sitting in the seat next to the exam chair. Dentist hands her the mirror and asks her to hold it for him. She shoves it in J-man's mouth.

She decided she was going to help and not just observe. J-man kept trying to bite the mirror and I told him to 'relax'. So did Mini-e. I mean, it's really silly to tell a 3 year old to relax in the first place, but to have the 2 year old mimic me, just made me laugh. She was taking charge. Every one said, 'A future dentist!' .. I agreed that she is a future something.

J-man received a good dental bill of health and headed off to the prize box. While Mini-E climbed into the chair. The dental assistant saw it before I did and asked the dentist if he would look in her mouth, too. I just smiled. (from ear to ear) It was so much fun watching the reactions of the others watching Mini-E. He put on his gloves and asked for a new mirror and looked in Mini-e's mouth and said that her 2nd molars were nearly all the way through. (Yippee!!)

The same dental assistant grabbed a goody bag and filled it quickly. When Mini-E was done I asked her if she was ready to go, she told me no. Until the assistant handed her the goody sack. We stopped at the prize box. She did NOT want a sticker. She did NOT want a toy. She went out to the waiting room while I checked out - and she dumped everything out of her goody bag and took possession of her prize -- a brand new toothbrush. We had to open it in the van. HAD TO.

I then had the brilliant idea to take The Professor to lunch. Where the sodas tasted much like dishwater (The horror!!!) We talked and talked and had a great time. even with nasty soda. (By the way - we stopped at a convenience store to get REAL dishwater free sodas).

I was so blessed!! Mini-E fell asleep on the way home and STAYED asleep when we got there! She is the queen of the power nap! So I was thrilled that she stayed asleep. Then J-man went down for his nap - and it's such a beautiful day!!! We did our math outside!!

Sidewalk chalk works perfectly!
I"m sure about swinging and working on work book pages, though. G gave it a good try.

Mini-Me wrote quotients on the swing set and a line of roman numerals on the slide. We did the 7's times table on the pavers. We reviewed units of measure while swinging.

It was such a beautiful day all around.
It's one of those days that makes up for a lot of the harder days. *sigh*
It was good.
Very good. I want to do it again.


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Macy used to take those annoying little power naps and it drove me insane! She would sleep for 10 or 20 minutes and that was it! I never had a break with that girl, still don't!

The Gang's All Here! said...

I have to differ with you on one thing: anything that has to do with a dental appointment cannot possibly be part of a good day. I. HATE. GOING. TO. THE. DENTIST. I even posted about it today. My mouth still hurts and I'm still fighting the shame. . .

But I am so glad that YOU had a good day. And that you had such beautiful weather. It's bitter cold and breezy here, so I'm happy to sit with my slippers on and read about your beautiful day while sipping my hot drink.

ThoughtfulMom said...

I'm glad the dentist visit went well! That's quite impressive. I'm hoping my #3 reacts as well when it is his turn to go. My #2 certainly didn't his first time - and #1 wound up the hospital because of the stress of a dental examination.

We spent the afternoon out of doors, too.

Classic MaMa said...

:) YEAH for good days!!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Applause for your great day! Thanks for filling me in with newsy info on your Saturday- just the kind of comments I was looking for. I just tried to hook my computer back up- the Skipper had time for the last coat on the floors before he left for fishing, this evening, I am putting things back in place. I was not successful in getting the main computer up and running though- I have the feeling that I am missing some little button or something... Grrrr.... Anyways, I came over to tell you that you must watch Pride and Prejudice, but also to let you know that I like the A & E version much more than the latest one with Kiera Knightley. I just want to feed that girl!!!

jugglingpaynes said...

I laughed about Mini-E taking the toothbrush as a prize! Marina has been in braces since November and she's so meticulous about taking care of them! She deserves pretty straight teeth. I could never put in all the effort she has. She shames me. ;o)
Aren't they amazing?

Peace and Laughter!

appleleaf said...

I love those dental antics. About those goody bags - I remember when my kids agreed that it was a shame dentists treats didn't include sweeties but they could understand why they couldn't, being dentists.
Thanks for your comment, and thank Mini-Me for the beautiful valentine's card Emma received just before we left!