Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I'm blogging several thoughts at once because I might not have another chance for a few days...and I want to have something new to read. It doesn't bother you, I know -- it bothers me.

I put a schedule on the board today because I noticed that Mini-Me was getting cranky at me again for the suddenness of the activity changes that were taking place in our sanguine driven home.

It looked something like this:

Breakfast Menu
Wrap ornaments - Don't pester me!
School work
11am - lunch
11:30 Naptime for E (I should have put a question mark here)
More school work.
Leave for party at 2pm.

Mini-Me loves schedules.
"Mom, it's 11:30. Isn't it time for E's nap?" We hadn't had lunch yet.
Lunch came and went - 12:30 I try to get E down for her nap. The Box Man comes with Christmas boxes - so of course we had to see what was inside them. They came wrapped (yippeee) and Mini-me was elated to see a box with her name on it.

I finally get E down for a nap.
Then we had to get the rest of our things ready for the party.
We leave at 2. I need a Diet Coke.
Then I realized I'd left my Advil at home.
Go back home.
Start driving to our destination - "Are you sure you're supposed to turn here?" "Where is this place?" We arrived safely but I learned a valuable lesson today:

Don't put times on the schedule. The 9 year old can read.


B&B said...

Lol, schedules... My spouse and I function better with schedules and lists. We try and hide them from the 82yo child. We also hide the chore chart from her.

Enjoy the season!

Tracy said...

hehe...I like the "don't pester me"!

TobyBo said...

be careful of schedules if you have someone in the house who actually expects you to adhere to it. It sounds like you do. Either that, or, as Miss Language nosy reading over my shoulder added, "or write at the top 'these are really more guidelines than rules.'" BTW the only reason Miss nosy is here is because we are supposed to be going over her schoolwork now but we are, ahem, off schedule, due to being distracted by your comment... Miss nosy says, "Yes, make it her fault."

I believe "That thing" is a warthog. I am thinking maybe if I got one it would keep the girls away who are attracted by Mr Music's gorgeousness.

appleleaf said...

It's good to catch up with what's been going on in your family but I'm sorry to hear about your cough, and your pain!
Some sort of schedule is probably good, but are you a bit like me, and often need to tighten schedules by turning round and going back home for things you've forgotten?

The Gang's All Here! said...

LOL here! The driving thing drives me nuts. All 5 of my little and big Gang members question me every time I make a turn they don't anticipate. And I'M the one with the navigational skills in this house. My pride rears up and I bristle at having my skills questioned - especially cuz I love to try new routes and figure out the area. I don't get "lost" often, and though they feel lost, I usually have a good idea of the general route to take. No one ever remembers THAT while I'm driving! Having only lived here for 3 years, I am actually quite proud of how well I already know the roads "like a local!"

The Boss is the worst at questioning me - and he hardly ever drives in town! He can go from home to church, home to Lowes, and home to the train station. :) tee hee, well, maybe more than that . . . not much, but a little bit!