Friday, December 14, 2007

Bed Time Musings

J-man has gotten in the habit of wanting to talk at night, instead of sleeping. We'll get him all snuggled in and he'll want to talk.

I wish I could remember them all - but he's come up with some interesting things to discuss. Some of the most recent comments were:

My favorite will probably be when he messes my hair up, as I sit by his bed, and says, "I love your hair."

Last night's night discussion:
"Why was Green Lantern on Batman?" (Can you tell his communication has drastically improved since starting speech therapy?)

I told him because Green Lantern needed help.

"oh." was his answer. "Mommy?"


"I like your eyebrows."

That did get my attention. I realize that he's trying to stay awake - but I had to admit that was creative.
"Thank you, now go to sleep."

"My 'oolaid is 'elicious!"
I'm not entirely sure why he's leaving off those first sounds - but he made his point.
"I'm glad, now go to sleep."

Sometimes it's just too hard to keep from laughing. If I start, then he starts.

Then he said, "Mom, my eye hurts - right here." and he pointed to his temple, "Will you pray over me?"

Well, of course I will!!
I pray over him, I pray over his ears (he tells me that there's a boo-boo) and then he says 'Think you, mom."

Inside I"m just crowing, "I'm doing something right!! Yippeeee!!!"


Melanie said...

Those are adorable. He certainly knows that compliments are the way to any womans heart.

TobyBo said...

I have a feeling you are doing LOTS of things right.

And sounds like J-man does not think you have bad hair days.

Anonymous said...

A well-deserved crow! :o)

Dapoppins said...

awww. My boys always want to talk at bed time too!

jugglingpaynes said...

This is why I can never get mine to sleep. I laugh. You must have incredible self restraint!

Peace and Laughter!