Wednesday, December 5, 2007


it's not just a game....

What do you do when life gets in the way?

Sunday: I'm having major pains on my left side - LOooooong Story short - the professor sends me to the ER because it was hurting to breathe. And move. And Talk. And most importantly laugh.

I call my mom and say something like this: I .... need you to .... come up and ... either stay with ..... the children .... or take me.... to the ER.

Mom's reply, "I'm on my way." While mom was traveling, I called a Nurse friend who suggested I talke 800mg of Advil and be sure to visit my primary care physician in the morning. The Professor insisted I see the ER doctor that night.

She arrived at 11:30 at night and off to the ER we go. They took an x-ray to see if maybe it was pleurisy. Or a collapsed lung (???) or a broken rib (?????) that might have arisen from my recent bout of bronchitis. I hadn't even considered there might be worse things than pleurisy. Nothing was wrong with me - the ER doctor said it was probably a chest wall muscular injury.

In english that means I probably pulled a muscle from coughing. I thought I'd have remembered that...but oh, well.

The pain was still present the next day so I visited my DO. He adjusted my rib back into place. For which I'm very grateful.

Monday was a loss for school work between speech therapy (which went spectacular), lunch and then my doctor's appointment. That night I went grocery shopping after taking 3 advils -- I needed ribbon and stuff for a craft.

Tuesday - Mini-E was diagnosed with an ear infection. So we had to get that taken care of...

Wednesday - that's today, right? - we were heading to a Christmas party for our age group within the homeschool group we are a part of (That's really bad grammar...but my fingers are cold and I'm leaving it as is.).

This morning I needed to wrap ornaments for an ornament exchange.
My brother texted me to have me go check to see if we were going to get ice. He was at work or I'd have told him to look for himself. Our weather men pretty much said, There might be wintery precipitation NEAR the area -- Monday.
Mini-E wanted to rock for 30 minutes.
The kids wanted to eat lunch. (What's up with that??)
Then I had to get Mini-E to take a nap --
life just got in the way again with School work.

My grandmother called. In the course of the conversation she tried to encourage me that if I felt down to "look at Cousins." I finally told her "I don't want to!"
Cousin #1 is involved with her children in a theater in their town - she directs and runs and acts and practices - not to mention having 6 kids - and a son in a championship soccer team. And a doctor husband. She's far too busy and I don't want the issues that she has. Not to mention their house.....

Cousin #2 has 7 children - a large house with 2 sets of washers and dryers (they just added on to their house) she gets help from her in-laws...and well... I just don't want to compare myself with them, thank you!! three completely different situations...even if they are your favorites.

Silly people.

I guess this really nitty gritty and lifey-ness of the Denim family. It's always an adventure around here. I thought about getting concerned over our missed school days - but I've decided I'm not going to. We'll pick up right where we left off tomorrow and go on our merry way - and see what our next adventure might be.


Halfmoon Girl said...

Wow, you are posting lots today! Hope your side is feeling better. Glad your oseopath could adjust your rib for you. Life is hard to schedule, isn't it? Some days I hit the ground running, actually, that would be most days- and don't seem to stop till bedtime!

Anonymous said...

Would a hug help? A gentle hug? (YOU)