Monday, December 3, 2007

A recap

I know it's been a while since I've sat down to actually write a blog post. I've honestly not been stewing over it, but I do like to write. I've discovered that I like to write about the kids. I like to write about God - but I don't really like to write about me. Unless I'm in the story with God and the kids.

We had a very peaceful and rather quiet Thanksgiving.
The week before Thanksgiving, I managed to finish painting our kitchen. It's a small kitchen and I didn't think it would take very long - but when you're doing it at night the time doubles. It's finally a nice, uniform peachy color.

Just before Thanksgiving, we discovered that Dry Erase markers do NOT just erase off a newly painted wall. Even if the wall is a semi-gloss paint. I tried scrubbing bubbles from Dow. I tried water. I got out my "Magic Eraser" and discovered that it worked with some elbow grease.

I'm a bit perplexed as to why a dry erase marker doesn't come off a wall very easily. Especially now that I have a red scribble on the wall right next to the green scribble, and of course, the first black scribble. I honestly do keep the markers out of Mini-E's reach. Honest. Somehow she just finds them.

The day after Thanksgiving, I went out for my first ever "black Friday" shopping trip. Wal*mart was having a sale on ShopVac's for a price that couldn't be beat. Of course, it's a no-name brand, but that's okay. We don't have a shop vac and they were $20. I set my alarm and when it started singing at 4:30 am, I quickly turned it off and snuggled back under the covers.

Only to discover that I couldn't sleep. I head out of the house by 5am and arrive at a Wal*Mart at 5:30. I see the shop-vacs go by me in people's baskets. I thought that maybe I had missed my chance. I almost got lost in the sea of people in the toy section because I took a wrong turn.

Behold! I found a shop-vac for The Professor - 1 of 4 remaining. Yippee!! Then I went to find the jammies that were supposed to be on sale for Mini-E and J-man.

I survived my first Friday after Thanksgiving shopping trip!!
We spent the day with a friend who came to visit. We watched Shrek 3 (which was on sale at Wal-Mart) and we ate lunch and went to see Enchanted. It was fun to see, really. We recommend it. I wonder if I should "review" it. Oh, here's a synopsis from IMDB (internet movie database).

I really can't believe that it's december. I can't believe that I need to finish my shopping.

Saturday I went to WalMart again to pick up some glue sticks for a project for The Professor and because I had promised J-man that we would go to the store. He wanted to go somewhere. He decided that he wanted to walk a few steps and then flop to the floor. Typically in front of me or -- someone else. I bumped him with my basket at least twice. He wouldn't stop after I asked him not to - so we ended up in the car on the way home. That's the first time I've ever had to leave the store because of the choices of a child of mine. My older kids never pushed past the threat. J-man, I guess, just didn't get the threat.

I guess there's a first time for everything.

While we were experiencing that First event, The Professor was experiencing another. Mini-E, who is now known to grab things and run, apparently grabbed and ran with the phone.

And called 911.

Not just once. but several times.
Hanging up on them each time.

The professor found her with the phone, whether it was before or after they called back, I'm not sure. He said that the 911 operator was very nice. They had called back to make sure we didn't need them and that everything was okay.

Apparently, first times for everything can happen several times in one day.

I'm not sure this qualifies as an interesting post or not - but it certainly crams into one post why I love my "blogging without obligation" button on my sidebar. Sometimes life is just full of First time events.


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I loooooove Magic Erasers, but have you ever thought about what they're made of that makes them work so well? I can try any number of miracle cleaners and toxic chemicals but the only thing that gets it all off is a Magic Eraser. Hmmmmm, kinda makes me wonder...

Monkey Giggles said...

I have never been brave enough to shop on the Friday after Thanksgiving. To many crazies out there for me. Have a great Christmas season.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Not fair- when my littles have called 911, the police actually show up. Very embarassing for Mommy, very entertaining for the neighbours.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of firsts! You just thrive on adventure don't you? LOL

I did my first Black Friday too. Mine was uneventful, Thank God!

I have never left a store, even when Rosie would be in a full blown tantrum. Let's just say that I am even more determined than she is. We have to travel to far to get there, and I am NOT going to leave without what I came for... I am such a mean mom. ;o)

Glad to hear the 911 lady was nice!

B&B said...

I wonder if hairspray (cheaper the better) works on dry markers... it does on sharpies! Congrats on taking on Walmart on Black Friday! I have only shopped once on Black Friday, getting in line after work on Thanksgiving at midnight. That was Best Buy and I got a great deal on two laptops. They handed out certificates to the people in line so as to avoid the stampede. You got a terrific deal on the shop vac!

Rofl at the 911... *I did that job for years... ;)

Thanks for counting me as one of your friends. Have a wonderful Christmas season!