Monday, June 4, 2007

Stay at home?

Whoever coined the phrase "Stay-at-Home" mom should be publicly ridiculed. I"m talking much finger pointing and laughing. There is no such thing!!

We had quite the day today.

We had an appointment with our ear, nose and throat doctor today. It's been 2 weeks or so since J-man had his new set of tubes put in. The Doctor said his tubes and ears look great. J's also been talking more lately, so it's been a blessing.

Then we took some donations to a group that aids foster families.

We went to the bank.

We took a blouse that got doused with coffee to the cleaners.

We went to McDonald's to play in an inside play place. The park we were near was SWARMING with children, so we went to McD's for a little less "Swarm".

We went to a cookies by design store and picked up a cookie bouquet - and took it to the Professor's work place. His co-worker, of the same rank as he, is leaving at the end of the week. So we wanted her last week to be sweet. And that's exactly what my post-it note said. (There was no way I was going to take in 4 kids into a Hallmark. I'm a coward. I admit it.)

Then we came home - and the littles took a nap. I fell asleep,too.
Woke up and fixed a dinner for a friend who just had surgery -- and took that to her and her family. We came home to find The Professor fixing our dinner.

I love my man.

After that kind of a day - my patience was a little thin.
That is the one area I'm most concerned with my re-presenting of Christ to the World. My kids push my buttons faster than anyone possibly can. I would hate to find out later that it was because of me - that someone completely rejected Jesus.

So I'm going to put my feet up and watch "Stranger than Fiction" with The Professor. And probably eat some Ice Cream. Even though - tomorrow is weigh-day at TalesfromtheScales (it probably won't be pretty. at least for me.)


Anonymous said...

hooray for jman!

and i saw a shirt once that said "stay at home moms... the few.. the proud.. the brave.." i was going to send one to you after reading this post until i saw the hallmark coward thing.. :o)~

you deserve a bowl of ice cream woman! enjoy!

TobyBo said...

hey, that cookie bouquet sounds pretty good to me. :)

I have wondered about why our kids are capable of pushing our buttons so quick... I have a theory that it is because they have learned a lot of our same character flaws and so we really add up to too much... and seeing our own flaws is especially annoying... course, that could be just me.

Classic MaMa said...

Glad you got to relax a little and watch, what I thought, was a really great flick. How did you like it?

Halfmoon Girl said...

I am with you on the stay at home title! Some days I am out more and longer than a "working mom". I have never heard of a cookie bouquet.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Thanks for the update on jman's ears- I was wondering about how the tubes were.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Thanks for the update on jman's ears- I was wondering about how the tubes were.

The Woman said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your day! LOL

Great blog! Found my way here via fatty! :o)

jugglingpaynes said...

We're doing the stay-at-home thing today! I'm very excited, I haven't had the chance to stay home in three weeks. Maybe I'll mow the grass...

And of course our kids can push our buttons, they know where they are! I have a thing about buying things we don't need, so of course I got upset yesterday when my 5yo decided to get rid of some little plastic horses so that I would buy her--get this--little plastic horses.

I know I'm doing something wrong...

Peace and Laughter,

Anonymous said...

you changed again! this is a toughie.. i love both. perhaps you're split personality like me.. :o)~
really.. i love the black and purple.. it's sleek and classy.. and i love the denim.. it's says fun and down to earth..
and i have a feeling you are both.. :o)
also.. you can email me anytime.. i list my address on my art blog but not at fatty's. it's
you know if you ever need to talk or anything. :o)