Friday, June 29, 2007

I Rock!!

I literally (okay, figuratively) pounced on a new post over at Life on the Rocks, because Fatty has been busy for her. I got tickled at her post, though. She had been given a "Rockin' Girl Blogger" award by an Ol' Lady. I guess the rules are to name 5 gals to pass the award to - and Fatty, being the gal that she is, broke the rules.

She said "now i'm supposed to bestow the award on 5 other girls... but i'm not. every girl i read rocks. and so i'm twisting the rules. i am challenging you to come and pick up your award. i want you to embrace your rockin-ness. tell the world you rock because you get it."

I know she reads my dribble, because she comments on it. Though she never calls it dribble. (Thank you) but I wasn't sure if I rocked enough to come just snag a button and claim it as my own.

What if it's a trick?? *L* What if I rock only in my own mind?

I'm not above delusions of grandeur.

And then I found Jane at Halfmoon Happenings had been given the same award. She rocks. I enjoy her blog entries. She has 4 kids that she homeschools. I think she might be my taller, skinnier, canadian counterpart.

We're kindred spirits.
She said I rock, too.
This Princess is psyched.

Now I get To pass the button:

CarpeBanana - who else knows the name of Alex T. Great's horse and can blog about it? She rocks.

Holly and her Gold Apples -- She's been a blogger bud of mine from the get go - and she just does it all and Rocks while she's doing it.

The Woman - I just love this Rockin' Girl. She's the reason for my next post, too. *Bwahahaha*

A&EMom - because she's been there, done that with me - and loves me anyway.

Melanie over at Happy Happenings - You really do rock. You just do.
ThoughtfulMom - You're a rockin' Timex.
That's 6.
If Fatty can break the rules, so can I.

Now for a Princess-like disclaimer - If I did not list you, it is not because you lack rock is because I have to list only 5 and tonight it's these 6.


A&EMom said...

WOW! Thanks! I'm honored, especially since I haven't been the bloggiest of pals lately. (All that's about to change with the addition of my newest b-day present!) I can't wait to add the button to my sidebar - you know, as soon as you teach me how!

Anonymous said...

i love dribble..

applesofgold said...

Aww, thank you!! I'm so thrilled! I've been seeing these things all over the place. Where do you find the code for this? Or do you just copy it to your computer, put it on photobucket and then use the html tag?
I'm glad you liked the chicken story-I laugh to myself every time I think of it.
Yep, that neon pink button won't match at all-but I don't care.

The Woman said...

Rock on! I am honored that you thought of me! :o)

Melanie said...

Woo Hoo! I am excited! So honored that you picked me. Thanks!!

Halfmoon Girl said...

How tall are you? I am 5'5. I don't get called tall very often...

You have great authenticity- I like coming here. It took me a while to spell that, so even if it is wrong, it is still a compliment.

TobyBo said...

Woohoo! Thanks! I am just overwhelmed with the honor and can't remember what Ralphie says about the honor at such an early age...

Dapoppins said...

Well hey, I am gonna have to go meet these rockin ladies...the woman I know. Any friend of THE WOMAN'S is a friend of mine.