Friday, June 29, 2007

A Million Heads?

Wednesday we headed for church at a church that we frequent on Wednesday nights. That's to say, we aren't members there.

The kids were both in the same class as G has "moved up". They learned about prayer through a few skits put on by the leaders.

One fellow walked around the entire, well, it's a mini-sanctuary for kids, asking God, "Can you hear me now?" even in the restroom. The kids loved it.

Then there was the other fellow who wanted a phone to talk to God.

So that gave me a moment to make sure these thoughts get planted a little deeper. We discussed the fact that we can be ANYWHERE to talk to God. Not just church. Not just in our beds. Not just at night. ANYWHERE.

Nor do we need special equipment, like a church or a phone, in order to talk to God.

His Word says that we can come boldly before Him. And we can Know that God hears our prayers no matter where we are. Even in the bath/rest room.

So we said our night time prayers and I thanked God that He hears our prayers...and Mini-Me posed a question.

"Does God have a million Heads?" The Bible says that we were made in His image and we only have one head.

I knew she had another point to make, though. Because I can't remember her words exactly, it boiled down to God needing a million heads to hear all the prayers.

So we had a talk about Him being Omnipotent. Which meant He's everywhere. They got a bit silly with that one. I don't remember what they said because her question had me thinking.

I looked at her and said, "Wait. This could preach."

Mini-Me said, "And you are."
Which I ignored and kept going, "No, listen. You asked me if God has a million heads -- the Bible says that we (Christians) are supposed to be ONE BODY. That means there are no denominational borders - no Baptists, no Methodists ..."

"Having Jesus - should Give us One HEART. And that means that there would be, essentially a million heads. And if there are a million heads, then there are 2 million hands to do His work."

I wasn't going to correct the numbers, this was an object lesson. Does God have a million heads? Yes - He's supposed to have Ours.

If my chair spun around, it would be spinning because that's good. That could preach.