Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Book Review from Mini-Me

Did you know that I was homeschooled??
A lot of what I do now really is influenced by what I remember of my own education. 

I hated book reports.
I saw no need in them.

I still don't. 

However -- a good book review. That's a useful thing.

So to get around my 12 year old's shared aversion to a book report -- I've come up with the idea of a book review.

The girl is a voracious reader. (She's got good genes)

So here's her first review...


The Nick of Time by Ted Bell takes place on Grey Beard island 1939 [during World War II]. When 12 year old Nick McIver, his little sister Katie, and Nick’s dog, Jip find a strange chest on the beach, unknown to them the chest was containing a golden orb that turned out to be (duh duh dunnnnn) a, 

                                           TIME MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, the evil Billy Blood’s parrot Bones was watching them. Billy Blood wanted the time machine. Billy Blood had been using a second time machine to capture children from all over time and hold them for ransom!  For instance, the Pharaoh's son was kidnapped by Billy Blood.
My favorite part was when they were in Hawk Castle and Katie thought that the elevator was a portal to china and thought that Commander Hobbes was Chinese!

The book had everything comedy, action, suspense, drama, and even a huge sword fight!  

The Nick of Time is anything but boring. I enjoyed it immensely and am looking forward to the sequel. 

When I asked her about the historic figures that were peppered through the book, she couldn't remember any. I know they were there because she talked about the characters in the book. 

I'm hoping that once she grasps the fun of a book review, she'll add more to it. As it is, she tore through this book and the sequel. They're worth a look.  

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Halfmoon Girl said...

Well, tell her that her enthusiastic description made me want to find it for my kids. I didn't like book reports either and couldn't stand when they made us pick the book apart. I just wanted to read!