Monday, April 11, 2011

Sweet little guy...

I kissed J-man good night the other night. He's seven now. I can't believe it. 7. Seven. It just seems hard to believe. 

Anyway - I kissed him goodnight. 

"Mom, do kisses rub off of your skin?"

"Not my kisses." Said I -- not knowing where this was going. Knowing J-man, it could be ANYwhere.

"No. I mean, do they stay on your skin?"

"Sure. These kind of kisses do because they touch your heart."

"I wish when you kissed that your heart grew bigger each time."

Of course, he was talking in the general sense of 'you'. I could see that -- it was a sweet thought? Our hearts can hold an infinite amount of love and his notion just caught my fancy.

He's such a sweet guy. 
I think he's could have a future in the greeting card business.


TobyBo said...

J-man is wise.

Mother Mayhem said...

I'd buy one of those cards. ;o)

Mrs Q said...

So sweet, a lovely start to my day. Thanks J-man.