Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Brain Overload....

Am I the only one whose brain shuts down protectively when there's just too much over load??

When I get stressed, I need to blow off steam for just a moment and then I'm able to cope. I really want to be able to blow steam out of my ears like the cartoon characters do when they get heated. 

Or the scene in "Real Genius" that takes place during finals week. The scene is of a study group, all in various poses with various books. One young man has had ENOUGH. He just starts to scream. He looks at several others and screams at them before running away. Another student takes his vacated seat as if frying brain circuits was normal. And in the movie school, it probably was. 

That's me. When I get into overload, there are several things I want to do.

Hide. That's a huge one. I can hide in a book. I can hide in a nap. I can hide in a Facebook. I can Hide in a video game, if I've got one. (mostly I game vicariously through the Professor's gaming)  I can hide in the plot of a work in progress. 

Lately, I've wanted to run screaming through the house, "Too many plot points and not enough brain!"

Or hide from the kids because they're all in a serious stage of bickering with each other. 

Then there's the fact that summer is coming. Do I enroll the kids in swim lessons?
Or not? We're no where near where I wanted to be in school work for this time of the year. Must be that hiding (hey, I'm honest). There's also the many times we weren't home. Or were sick. Or just not interested in school. 

Then there's the constant struggle to get (and keep) G-man on task.

The professor had such a bad day at work yesterday that he ground his teeth until one broke. 

Then there's all the other daily stuff. 

Kids outgrowing clothes.
House work.

Drama that happens at unscheduled moments. Seriously. I wish I had the schedule for that so I could plan the drama into my imaginary schedule. 

All that to say, I'm having a day of brain overload. 

It'll all work out okay - because ... well because it will. I still believe in God and He promised. 

Speaking of Him. 
I can't discount that he's been talking. Being easily amused, I'm glad that he talks to me in a way that I know it's Him and brings me amusement. 

I woke up one day, with an overloaded brain to the lyric, "All things are going to happen naturally"

From the Jason Mraz song ... That's all. 

So being me, I listened to the entire song. 
The entire song matters not - that one single lyric from the song was for me. 
It was my God kiss. 

I like the song - so that was an added bonus. 

But with brain overload, it has become my mantra, after a fashion. 

All things will happen naturally. 


jugglingpaynes said...

I'm sorry you are overloaded. Word of advice: Don't schedule anything if you know your brain is on overload. That's how I usually get in trouble.

I'm glad the music helped you. Music usually helps me too. Music tames the savage beast. :o)

Peace and Laughter,

Mother Mayhem said...

Does it count if you are screaming, "All things will happen naturally!"?

I'm borrowing your mantra. :o)