Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Katie over at There and Back, a wonderfully eclectic and crafty blog and blogger, tagged me in a very creative meme. 

It looked like so much fun, I had to give it a try. You should go take a look at the game as it should really be played - because I'm sure I'm about to mess it up. 

I'll wait. 

Katie wrote that she prefers pencil... I like that about her
I prefer pencils when doing word puzzles and school work -- but I'm a pen snob. 

Growing up, my brothers always told me that I had chicken scratching for hand writing. Of course, my brother, The Texan, has PERFECT handwriting. PERFECT. 

When The professor told me that I had nice handwriting, I was pleased. PLEASED!!!!
Then I discovered that I have a bit of a unique flair. A combination of print and cursive. 

I like it.

Okay. Here it goes... 


Write this:

THAT was not my best writing. I didn't even try. Sorry. But man, what a great question mark, though!!!

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Song:
This one is Impossible!!!!!

Favorite Bands/Singers:

I am musically moody. I can't tell you my favorites...I'd hurt myself trying.
From Willie Nelson to Harry Connick, Jr. ...Here:

Anything Else you want to say?

Tag Three people:


CrossView said...

LOL! That was actually fun to read! I love your handwriting! And that question mark? Coolest. Ever. :O)

Mother Mayhem said...

A meme! A meme! I haven't seen or played one in such a looong time! I enjoyed reading your answers. I love learning new things about my friends! Might just join you in this... ;o)

Katie said...

You have awesome handwriting. I love that you do like I do and use a combination of print and script. I'm so glad you played along!

Halfmoon Girl said...

cool to see your handwriting. Mine is a mix of cursive/printing as well. I might play along since I need to post something sometime soon! btw- you forgot to but Michael Buble on your list, ha ha.

TobyBo said...

I may have to do this one... I am a bit intimidated by all your answers on separate pages. :)