Monday, March 22, 2010


My Friend Toby who writes at CarpeBanana commented on my Eye of the Beholder post. She commented that the post was just crying out for a photo.

Bubbles is accommodating. Especially since she is consistent to tell us "I bootiful"

She got ready for Bed. Her jammies of choice is a dress we use for a play dress.

Once she had it on, she announced "I bootiful."

For you Toby, I present  - a bootiful pose.

Ignore the red eye...because I did.


jugglingpaynes said...

How bootiful!

Peace and Laughter,

Mrs Q said...

Yes, absolutely 'bootiful'. Enjoy these years!

TobyBo said...

That is a bootiful, bootiful picture. I love the top. I am also in the market for some rain boots and hope I can find some that cute. Thank you!

Please go kiss Miss Bootiful for me, and love on her a bit.

TobyBo said...

hey, and you know what else? If that girl doesn't already, she needs to take dance class.