Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big Kid Now

J-man lost his first tooth. (He'll be six in April)
Another one is quite Wiggly. REALLY REALLY wiggly ... but he's not ready to pull it. 

He would wiggle it and then come back for me to tug on it.
We finally got it out. He was very brave and determined.

He was given the tooth bounty. 
(The tooth fairy doesn't visit us - because I'm short and we had/have bunk beds)

What I wasn't expecting was the rite of passage loosing his first tooth would be.
I was talking to the eldest two kids, "I want you big kids to unload the dishwasher."
J-man looked at me, "Are you talking to me, too?"

Yup. He's a big kid now. 


Dapoppins said...

Loosing teeth means they are growing up, huh? Is that a law or something? Cause i do not support that idea at all.

40winkzzz said...

old enough to lose teeth means old enough to do "big kid" chores? hey, i would milk that one for all it's worth!

btw, i mentioned you on my blog a few days ago... but not by name. :-)