Friday, February 5, 2010

She fought the Tooth....

Mini-Me is a complex individual.
She's 11. She's a bit gender biased.
All the characters she plays on games - she prefers them to be girls.
Can you say "Girl Power"? Barbie has nothing on my Mini-me.
She's Logical to a fault.

She actually sort of reminds me of Temperance Brennan - Bones - from the show "Bones". I'm really quite tempted to teach her to say "I don't understand" in that tone of voice. but anyway.. I rather hope her future husband will be like Booth - bring a little fun into her life.

She can be overly sensitive..but at the same time - VERY direct.
Very by the book.
She has a sense of humor, don't get me wrong...but sometimes the things we say that are funny - she just doesn't get. And that's okay, too. Someone has to be willing to tell me I'm not as funny as I think I am.

Even if they're wrong. I"m quite funny.

Last night, she told me that one of her molars was really quite loose.
Know it was quite loose made her want to pull it out.
She struggled for 30 minutes. Calmly tugging and pulling. Tilting and spitting.
It hurt when she pushed it in one direction.
Her teeth have a tendency to have ONE side with a very sharp edge or point.
She cried at one point because it was aching and poking.
I suggested she give it a rest.
She just wanted the tooth OUT!
She did point at me. A very direct finger point, and a very direct tone of voice to tell me she did NOT want me to mess with it.


So she went back to work. She managed to twist it - which managed to poke.
She hopped up and down and cried. Not tears of sadness. Frustration and anger.
"Do you want to wait until morning?"
"NO! I just want it out!"
I sent her to swish with warm water.
She came back much relieved, telling me that it helped tremendously.

It was bed time, so I left her to swish and I think she was watching Zack and Cody on the internet. (See? She does have a sense of humor!)

I was at work in the kitchen...when she came to find me --- ALL SMILES!!

"LOOK!! I did it!!!"

She showed me the gap and the tooth.
There it was the very thin, very pointy jagged side that was causing the pain.

All smiles. Jubilation!! Evident on her 11 year old face.
She persevered!!!

"It feels so great to have victory over the tooth!"

I love that kid.


Vicki said...

Congrats to your mini-me! Except, if she doesn't have your funny bone, can she really be a mini you?

40winkzzz said...

mini-me sounds a lot like my fuzz. fuzz is stubborn, by-the-book, and very on top of things. we've already told her she'll be the one taking care of us when we're old.

Dapoppins said...

Precious victory!

CrossView said...

ROFL @ "Even if they're wrong. I"m quite funny." I hear ya!

I love her perserverance and tenacity..