Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Elbow Appreciation Day....

Ah. The elbow.
The oft used and under appreciated joint.
Maybe only appreciated more than say - the knuckle in the big toe.

That's just fun to say, though "Toe Knuckle".

Yesterday The Professor had training with the local emergency response task force. They were going to put up and take down the giant tents they keep for emergencies. Practice makes for easy tent erecting, don'tcha know.

He called about two-ish. Surprised to hear from him, I figured he was calling to tell me he was on his way home early. He was. just not the way i thought he was.

"Hi! honey! I'm surprised to hear from you."

"Well. I thought I should call. There's been an accident."

Since he sounded cheerful, I didn't immediately picture severed limbs. Or puncture wounds. Which would have been needless mental terror anyway.

"Okay. Are you alright?" Car accident? Someone else?

"Not exactly. They think I broke my elbow."

Huh. "Do I need to come get you?"

He told me that friends were bringing him and his car home.
The kids were excited when I told them, "Firemen are bringing dad home."

"Will he be coming home in a fire truck?" - G-man asked this with the same excitement that would have been had if Dad had  been coming home on, say, a rocket ship.

He came home with a soft cast/splint/sling thing and a growing pain.

He passed out in the doctor's office. The doctor calmly informed him, "It's perfectly normal. There's a nerve bundle that when it gets hurt, it's defense is to lower your blood pressure and make you sleep."

Which to my layman's mind means, you hit your elbow so hard, it protested and knocked you on your ..... put you to sleep.

It kept him up most of the night, the pain meds took the edge off - but couldn't stop the spasming pain.

He tried to sleep on the couch. But the dog jumped on him to get to the cat.

If I could have seen him, I'd have killed the dog.

or locked him in the garage.

We're waiting on an orthopedist to call. But the professor has given me the deadline of 10 am before I call them.

his elbow hurts.

So today is Elbow appreciation day. I'm grateful for bending my elbows pain free.
Reaching to scratch my head or touch my toes.  Being able to bend pain free...

If I could kiss my elbow, I would.
As it is - I can just blog about it.
Which, honestly, I can do pain free because of my elbows.


Melanie said...

OUCH! I broke my elbow before.. in 9th grade. Not even remotely fun! Tell the Professor I'm sorry and feel better soon.

TobyBo said...

poor professor. I hope things are greatly improved. Devastatingly Handsome fell on his once and it was not broken but he was sure unhappy in the ER and for some time after.

Dapoppins said...

oh, ouch. There is something not right about "getting to sleep" in the Drs. office but not being able to sleep at home. Saying prayer for speeding healing and for you not to gloat too much by sqeeking your elbow about while handing him something to