Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hope for world peace after all...

I think every mom - or at least every mom who will admit it - would say that they live for those moments where the children suddenly understand something... suddenly express a thought you've taught them ... or ... those moments when the SIBLINGS are actually nice to each other.

I'll admit it.
My kids don't like each other all the time.
Sometimes I look at them and wonder if there will be peace on earth.
or at this house.


many days I'm not quite so hopeful.
Which is why I'm glad I've got know, hope of the world and all that.
If he can be the hope of the world, I'm sure He can do something to the mess here in the landry pile.
Not the laundry -- the other messes.. .. you know what I meant.

Then comes those moments when one of them just runs up and gives me a hug to warm my heart. (I know when they're sucking up, don't get me wrong)...

Yesterday was one of those moments that made my heart overflow.

Bubbles, who can be oh so whiney, came whining at me. "I want to play wiff someone."

"You do? You want to play WITH someone?" said I, trying to correct speech.


"Then tell them! Hey I wanna play!"

J-man pipes in and says "She can play with me. I need assistance." (He was playing Lego: Star Wars on the PS2.)

She was THRILLED!!! With a capital THRILL and I was touched.

Constantly in a battle of -- whatever. Sibling rivalry is an extreme sport.
To see this exhibition of a love that has to be deep (Buried deep) it gave me my own thrill.

There is hope, after all.
A hope that our species will live. and  peace in the laundry pile can be achieved without UN sanctions.
For that, I"m very glad.


Michelle said...

i have often wondered if there will ever be peace in our house as well. it's so funny how they can go from the best of friends to fighting in less than a minute.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Yes, good for you enjoying those little moments that mean so much! Somedays they feel few and far between around here...

Livin' Life said...

Oh...that refreshed my soul. :-) We have been battling one another lately too. I have been blaming it on very ugly winter weather where they can't go outside but then I will come up with an excuse in the summer too.

I feel like right now I am hosting the WWF in my home. It is good to reflect on those precious moments. I will be on the look out for them today. Thank you for helping me to refocus my focus. :-)