Friday, February 20, 2009

Two Songs...

At The Cross -

Mighty To Save --

The Bridge to "Mighty to Save" says -
Shine your light and let the whole world see
we're singing for the Glory of the Risen King

That's our testimony!! -
We all have a testimony to share!
Every time we share what God has done, We Give Him Glory!

The first line in the song says - "Everyone Needs Compassion" - maybe our testimony can show the compassion we've received. For the Glory of the Risen King.


Livin' Life said...

I love your worship heart! Those called to lead worship are those who usher the Body into the Presence of God with their sweet fragrance and offering!! Continue to usher us all!!!!

kelli said...

Mighty to Save is one of my favorite songs. What a great reminder!!

appleleaf said...

That song is currently one our church sings every week!
I like your last post about calorie counting. I think your brother probably has an edge because guys do seem to be built that way. Here in Australia, no woman has ever won "The Biggest Loser." Maybe we've been designed to hold padding because of our nurturing role.
I'm so glad those books arrived safely. Hope you enjoy them.

the Underdog said...

Hey Comfy-

Regarding your question on my last blog entry:

In Revelation 2:17, it says that we will get a white stone with a new name from God. No one will know it expect the one that receives it. John MacArthur says that this new name is "a personal message from Christ to the ones He loves, which serves as their admission pass into eternal glory."

Cool, huh?